Friday, September 5, 2014

Aloha POLO day 4

Once again Jimmy was the first one up. He met some people that were fishing and they were nice enough to give Jimmy some supplies and showed him how to catch some bait fish.

Linh made some french toast and Jack cooked up eggs and bacon and Nicole made some mixed sweet potato and carrots.

It was raining on an off Sunday morning. So we didn't take the Mopeds to Hanauma bay like we wanted to. By the time we got there it had stopped raining. Hanauma Bay is a nature preserve. It's closed on Tuesdays so do plan your visit accordingly. I do recommend arriving as early as possible because once parking is full they don't allow anyone else in. Hanauma Bay is located at the top of a hill and there isn't any convenient parking nearby for you to park and walk to the entrance. The place opens at 6 am and we arrived close to 8 am and there was a long line already.

You can usually see a lot of Mongoose at Hanauma Bay.

Apply the sun block liberally.

Ashley is suited up and ready for snorkeling.

You can find fish within a few feet from the shore. They are obviously used to humans and just go about their business.

Did a short video of the fish that I could find.

While we were digging a hole to bury jack we found this little guy.

After Hanauma Bay we headed back to the house while we waited for Brian to arrive at the airport.

Peter and Jose trying to catch a crab in the backyard.

Peter and Jose succeeded.

Evelyn and I left to go pick up Brian from the airport.

Everyone else went for a moped ride and we all met up with them at W&M Bar-B-Q burger.

Hal Special. Pretty much a cheese burger with BBQ steak. All this needs is an egg.

After W&M we took Brian to Waiola's for some shave ice and headed back to the house so that he could unpack. We went back to playing water pong and then a dog appeared.

The dogs belonged to the owner a few houses down. The dog loved tennis balls. He saw all the way from the beach to steal our tennis balls. We didn't know his name so we called him Bi-Lo.

Bi-Lo was the coolest. Just swam back and forth chasing the tennis balls as we were playing water pong.

Later we found out it was a her and not a him and her name was Neema.

Jimmy ended up whipping up some awesome stir-fry using the packaged ramen we had. I saw this video about how to prepare a cheap dish with ramen. So I tried my hand at cooking ramen.

So far not so good.

Nicole is wondering what I'm doing. I'm browning it..... back off

The end product from the fruits of my labor. I think I was the only one eating it. Haters gonna hate.

Since we missed out on a night of partying on Saturday night. We decided to go out on Sunday. We asked some friends for recommendations. It is a Sunday and there wasn't many places that were "happening" but our friends recommended Cafe Duck Butt which is a Korean bar.

Our taxi driver recommended that we try the Watermelon Soju. It did not disappoint. We ended up getting 3 of them. It was so refreshing and easy to drink... I will pay for this later, but in the mean time POLO

My brother flies to Oahu regularly to do work so he has a lot of friends that live here. One of his friends Sam showed up. He got us a round of shots. When I offered to get another round he declined. I told him to stop being a wuss. He replied with "lets get a bottle" I said "whoa whoa whoa lets not get crazy" that escalated quickly. LOL.

Brian got me a shot of Yamazaki 18. It was awesome, but very potent. I will pay for that later.. POLO

It was around 1 am. It's wasn't too busy at Cafe Duck Butt, it is a Sunday. I was planning on heading home, but Jimmy suggested that we continue the night and go else where. In Oahu they serve until about 4 am. So we talked to Sam and he took us to Bar Seven Peter and I had gone to Bar Seven last year and had a great time. So why not POLO. The only people that went with us was Jimmy, Ashley, Jose, Peter, Evelyn and Nicole. The rest headed back home to sleep.

At Bar Seven is when the drinks started flying and POLO was in full effect.

Sam's friend Lisa.

We eventually closed out the place. Peter and Nicole got into a taxi and headed home first. I was wasted and needed to walk it off. That's the only way I sober up when I'm really drunk. I remember walking for a while. Jimmy tried to coax me into taking a taxi back home, but getting in a car at this point would just be overkill for me.

While walking I guess Jimmy fell over. Lol

I don't even remember some of these pictures and have no idea where we're at.

Don't remember this at all but glad I took a picture of it.

Jimmy Googled directions back to the house and it said that it would have been a 2 1/2 hour walk back to the house. Ok maybe we should take a Taxi. Finally got into taxi and headed back to the house. Half way there we had to pull over so that I could purge the alcohol from my stomach. After that though, I felt a lot better. I ended up giving directions to our taxi driver back to the house. When we got home Jose realized his phone was missing. First his GoPro and now his Iphone. We were able to hail the taxi back and checked the car and couldn't find it.

While I planked in the back yard for what seemed like forever. Evelyn took Jose and back tracked their steps in hopes of finding the phone. No luck. Eventually Jose set off the tracking and alarm on the phone. He also text his phone to whomever had it to call.... but he only text a 5 digit number ROFL... The taxi driver heard the alarm and even tried to call the 5 digit number. He was kind enough to drive all the way back to the home and delivered it back to Jose. What an awesome guy. I am just regurgitating what I heard cause mind you while this whole thing was going on I was still planking in the backyard.

Ashley tried to get me in the house and I told her to leave me here. I'll just sleep outside. She wouldn't have it. So I told her to clear a path to the sofa.. I'm going to run.. cause god forbid that I'm going to walk to the sofa when things are spinning. Sure enough she opened all the doors and move the furniture out of the way for my sprint.When I did get to the sofa I started to purge again like I was possessed by a demon. In the end I got it all out... into a pot lined with a garbage bag. Thanks Ashley, Evelyn and to whomever else took care of me cause I don't remember.

All I can say is what a great night. POLO (Paul only lives once)

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