Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aloha POLO day 2

One of the benefits of going to Hawaii for vacation from the mainland is that you gain time because Hawaii is 3 hours behind the west coast. So we were all waking up early like it was a normal day. I was up close to 8 am which would have been 11 am back at home. So we got a nice head start on the day.

Saw this little guy walking to the main house.

I wasn't the first person up. Jimmy was up since 6 am. What a nice view to wake up to in the morning.

Slowly everyone started to get up. Had some coffee and cereal. First thing on the agenda today was a hike at Diamond Head State Monument.

Pistol all the things

We started our trek.

Jimmy is suppose to have knee surgery a week after our trip. He's trying to get the most miles out of his knee before the surgery.

Walking into the tunnel. It's really dark in there. There is some low lighting, but it's narrow and sometimes you bump into people that are walking out.

One lady said and I quote " I can't see anything in here and I have my sunglasses on" we all started laughing.

I heard there 77 steps.

A view after reaching the top bunker.

Then you climb out the bunker window and head to the roof.

It's not that bad of a walk. I even saw old ladies hiking with canes. It took us about 40 minutes, but we ended up spending a lot of time at the top taking pictures and hanging out.

Nicole and her red fanny pack. Taking a picture of us as we take a picture of them.

We took the alternative route back down. I don't remember seeing this route last time. It must be new. Here's a better picture of the 77 steps.

Exiting the tunnel.

Peter doing a muscle up on the trail back down.

Jimmy doing a faster muscle than Peter. It was so quick that I couldn't get a video and got a pic instead.

After our hike. We were starving. Nicole suggest that we try Cafe Kaila. The food was good but nothing I would particularly go out of my way for next time.

Breakfast combo. Choice of French Toast or Pancakes with choice or breakfast meat and eggs.

Angela had Lox

Linh had the Frittata.

Spam eggs and rice.

After breakfast we headed to Waikiki beach.

Peter and Jose rented paddle boards or SUP (stand up paddle)

Jose mounted his brand new GoPro Hero 3 to his board to catch some great footage. This will be the last time that we see that GoPro. I guess the GoPro suction cup doesn't work to well on the boards as you may think. Jose ended up bailing on his board and it flipped and came off. Never to be seen again.

Delicious rootbeer floats. Thanks Jimmy.

After a while we decided to hit the bar. We ended up at the Moana Surfrider beach bar.

We had a great table location with a great view, under the shade of the tree & a bar behind us. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

Jimmy approves.

Garlic fries were awesome and so was the dipping sauce.

It was around 5 pm when we decided that we should rent mopeds for a few days. We had such a blast renting them last year that we had to get them again. The rental place was going to close in 30 minutes so we rushed out.

We rented at the same place we did last year. Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sale if you do a quick google for coupons you can usually find a 20% discount on a rental. Like this one since we were renting so many Mopeds I just called them ahead and negotiated a deal for all the Mopeds. We ended up renting for 2 days and it was around $109 after tax and insurance.

We ended up renting 8 Mopeds. Some of our group wasn't too comfortable riding them.

A quick ride home.

We were running out of beer. So we did a quick grocery run. You'd be surprised at how fun something as simple as grocery shopping can be when you have mopeds. We took them everywhere. In case your wondering a Moped can hold 21 cans of beer with ease maybe with some rearranging we can fit the full 24.

We had a home cooked meal on our second night. Linh grilled up some Tri-tip and brats, Jack made jalapeno fried rice, I believe Nicole made some bacon & broccoli, and we got some mac salad from the store. If you're wondering the red stuff in the white bowl is potato chips.

I saw some jalapeno cheese bread and some pepperoni cheese bread at the store and I really wanted it. Ashley convinced me not to buy it stating that she could combine the two and make a pepperoni jalapeno cheese bread.

She then brought out this monstrosity fresh from the oven.. I don't regret my decision!

After dinner it was time to drink some more.

We bought some Tiki torches from the local hardware store, which was also conveniently located nearby. I hope they are at the home next year when we return.

Jose thought that bugs were landing on him only to find out it was a tiny gecko.

We played some beer pong and drunk Scattergories-ish game and laughed at our stupidity.

That ends our second night. Still got four more to go.

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