Thursday, September 4, 2014

Aloha POLO day 3

We started our Saturday morning by heading to Rainbow Drive-in for an early lunch.

Last year Peter missed out on getting his Beef Stew which is his favorite dish. It's only server on Sunday, Wednesday and Saturdays. But it alternates weekly with Curry Stew. So one week it's Curry Stew on Sun,Wed, & Sat and the next week it's Beef Stew. The week we were there it was Curry Stew. So it looks like he'll be missing out on it again this year.

Boneless fried chicken plate.

Looks like they did a bit of construction this year. They didn't have this nice covering last year. It was nice and provided more seating area.

After lunch we headed back to Waiola's for some more shave ice.

Our MC (Moped Club) hold it's meeting.

Ride or die kids about to roll out Lol. Look even Ashley feels comfortable enough to ride without her helmet. Our next destination was back to the Moped rental. Peter and I were going to exchange our Mopeds for scooters because they can ride double and that way we can take Evelyn and Nicole around with us. Good thing we both had motorcycle licenses and are qualified to rent them.

After we exchanged for Scooters we headed to Sandy Beach Park it's not a busy beach and the reason is that the waves are really dangerous there if you don't know what you're doing.

Last year when we went, Peter and I tried to ride a wave and the wave threw us head first. I was bracing for a face plant, but it literally somersaulted us and we landed on our feet. It was terrifying. We got out of the water right after. Locals like to hang out at this beach and watch people get destroyed by the waves. It's great entertainment.

When we walked onto the beach the life guard approached and us and warned us of the strong currents. We were well aware of it.

While we were riding to Sandy Beach. We saw some tide pools and people wading in them. So we went to check them out.

Mr January getting ready for his calendar shoot.

The tide pools were really neat. There were a few of them that were pretty deep and the rocks would slow down the incoming waves enough for you to comfortably sit in them.

Uh.... I have no idea what he's doing.

A quick video of the waves crashing in as were in the tide pool

Linh and Jack in the back ground are fully standing.

Here's Mr. February and March.

Mr. April and June.

Mr. July

Mr. August.

Jimmy wanted to see how strong the waves at Sandy Beach so we headed back.

Jimmy learned first hand how strong the waves were. It knocked him over and before he could get up the next wave would knock him around while he was on the ground. We had to help him up. :)

Mr. January was probably a fish in his past life. He went out in the water like it was nothing.

After Sandy Beach we headed back to the house for some drinks and food.

On the way back Peter pulled over to snap a pic with this special little girl. Nice helmet Nicole.

Saw this guy hanging out on our gate at the house.

We were playing baseball in the water... well I wouldn't technically call it baseball.

Linh trying his hand at fishing. Don't let the picture fool you. He doesn't know what he's doing.

Eventually we gave up on baseball and played water pong. Just like beer pong but on a bigger scale.

Peter and the others whipped up some spam musubi while we were getting drunk.

Eventually we all passed out around 8 pm. We were suppose to go out and get bottle service at one of the night clubs, but when I got up at 11 pm nobody was awake except for Jack and I. We also had plans to snorkel at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve tomorrow and had to get up early. So I thought we could just skip out on the nightclub and let everyone get a good nights rest. Swimming and drinking during the day really wears you out.

For a late night dinner Jack and I headed out for a late night ride to McDonalds.

It was a nice and mellow Saturday. It went by so quickly and that ends day 3 already! We'er already half way through the trip.

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