Monday, May 7, 2012

San Francisco California Academy of Science

The girlfriend took me to the California Academy of Science on a gorgeous Saturday. Perfect day to be in San Francisco.

If you have never been to the Cal Academy of Science before. It's worth a visit. They have a bit of everything there. Aquarium, Rainforest, Planetarium, and so much more.

Pictures on the roof of the building.

They have a Rainforest Sphere with birds and butterflies freely flying around.

They also have some reptiles and insects on display inside the sphere.

Took me several tries to take a picture of this bird. He wouldn't sit still.

Some left cutter ants.

When you exit the sphere you take an elevator down that actually takes you to the underside of the pond. Pretty cool.

These spiders creep me the f*** out.

We exited the sphere and it put us in the aquarium section.

Some Cuttlefish. They are so interesting and curious.

This guy kept playing with us for the longest time.

Alligator Gar

Oh yeah. They have an albino Alligator

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