Friday, September 23, 2016

Oahu trip day 8

It was time to leave paradise.

The drive to the airport was depressing.

There wasn't that many options for food at the airport. We settled for Burger King.

Tammy and I were flying with Hawaiian and the rest were on Alaska.

Not only did Diane get the emergency exit row, she was also super stoked that no one else was sitting there.

Lisa flew back in to make sure everyone made it on the flight back home.

The face of disappointment. Lol... Diane=RBF

Meanwhile on Hawaiian Airline...

Our last glimpse of the islands.

It was a great and relaxing trip. We never had to get up early for anything. We slept in as late as we wanted and stayed up until whenever. Hopefully we'll be back soon.

Where to next?

Halloween season is right around the corner and soon we'll be off to SoCal for our 10th annual Halloween trip. Can't wait to visit Disneyland and Club 33.

Knott's Scary Farm is also introducing a lot of new things this year. Stay tuned.

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