Friday, September 9, 2016

Oahu trip: Day 3

Whipped up an early breakfast of spam,eggs, and rice.

Then it was off to the beach.

Breakfast beer

Breakfast mimosa

Hung out at the beach until it was lunch. Since we were about 30 minutes away from Waikiki where most of the good restaurant are, we decided to look for a place nearby for lunch. Found a barbeque truck near the house called Smokey Ranch Barbeque.

Four little pigs: barbeque pulled pork sliders, slaw, crispy onions, on Hawaiian sweet rolls.

Ribs and chicken.

Boneless beef rib sandwich.

Ribs mini combo

Pulled pork mini combo.

The barbeque was really good. It doesn't beat Texas bbq, but it was very tasty, tender, and fall off the bone.

After lunch I was craving dessert. I really wanted a Hula Pie, so we went on a hunt.

We first checked Kalapawai Cafe & Deli.

They didn't have the Hula Pie and we didn't see anything that we liked. So we looked for something else.

Around the corner was Agnes Portuguese Bake Shop

It was later in the day and most of the better bakes goods were already sold out. Supposedly this bake shop has malasadas that rival Leonard's, but we didn't try any.

Eventually we settled on ice cream. Just a block away was Mokulua Homemade Ice Cream

They have the same concept as frozen yogurt shops.

So you pretty much build your own sundae, weight it and pay. Put as much or as little whip topping as you please.

Everyone had food coma after, so we headed back to the house to chill out.

For dinner we headed to Side Street Inn

Side Style Fried Rice: as good as it looks.

Pan Fried Island Pork Chops

Sizzling Boneless Kalbi: meat was super tender.

Spicy Chicken: Very crispy and the chicken was juicy.

After dinner we headed to Duke's. Since we were unable to get the Hula Pie earlier I knew I can get it here.

The hula pie is usually a cookie crust, macadamia ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and toasted mac nuts. Duke's had two different types available, so we got both.



Lava Flow

Maui Mule and a shot of Vodka.

I really like Duke's cause they usually have a live performer who usually does cover songs and it's right next to the beach.

We walked Waikiki beach a bit and then head home for the night. Another night down, four more to go.

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