Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Oahu trip day 6

Got up around 9 am. We headed to a local cafe near the house for breakfast. Hawaii Island Cafe

It's a small little cafe that probably seats about 15 people.

The employee there are super friendly. Made us a bunch of trinkets out of local plants.


Iced coffee.



John went next door and got some beers.

Famous "Chicken Gorgonzola" lunch sandwich. It was an okay sandwich. Nothing outstanding about it.

Country Breakfast.

Next we headed to Hanauma Bay State Park for snorkeling.

This was the last picture I took with my waterproof camera, that I found in Hawaii several years ago. Looks like it came back here for it's final resting place. I guess it wasn't as waterproof as I thought.

After snorkeling we were really hungry. We ended up at Teddy's Bigger Burgers

I got the closes thing I can get to a Carl's Jr western burger, it was pretty good, but still doesn't beat Carl's Jr.

Umami fries.

Next was dessert. We headed back to Waiola for some more shaved ice. This one is Thai Tea and condensed milk drizzle.

While we were having dessert, Jack wanted to hike Koko Head. "No thanks" said everyone. So he went on his own.

Much fun he had.

Near the top. He said it took him about 30 minutes.

Headed back home. Robyn's cousin Traci came over again and wanted to barbeque for dinner.

Tammy and I went crab hunting with Traci's son George.

Traci's other son.

Jack got a bottle of Dom P, to celebrate John and Robyn's engagement.

My camera died when we were at Hanauma Bay, but John proposed to Robyn when we were snorkeling. So I didn't get to snap any pics earlier.

and they got me a Hello Kitty confetti ice cream cake.

Got pretty drunk that night and walked the beach at night.

Since I didn't get any engagement shots earlier. I snapped some pics that night.

Another night is over. One night left. :(

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