Thursday, August 4, 2016

Austin, Tx: Day 4

It was time to head home. Got up, packed our things, loaded our luggage and head out for some one more time for some good Texas BBQ. Conveniently located 2 blocks from our hotel was Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ.

I was really looking forward to some BBQ sauce, but Cooper's does it the same way John Mueller Meat Co. does it.

None the less the meat was fantastic. Brisket and ribs were awesome.

Just happened to be Anh's birthday on the day that we were leaving Austin. So we had a round of shots at the airport, before he departed back to SoCal.

Our flight was suppose to be at 3:35 pm with a quick stop in Santa Ana to pick up passengers and we were suppose to be back home by 6:10 pm. Our flight ended up getting delayed to 4:45 pm.. and then it got delayed to 5:10 pm. We ended up taking off from Austin at 5:30 pm.

Finally off the ground, we were tired. Couldn't wait to get home. As we descended into Santa Ana we wanted to move seats since we were in the very last row and was hoping to get some more space between each other since our flight was fully booked. We asked the flight attendant if our next leg of the flight was sold out to see if we could move seats. She told us that the last leg of our flight had been cancelled! This we did not know. We landed in Santa Ana around 6 pm. That's when they announced that the 12 people who were connecting from Austin the next flight had been cancelled and that we had been re-booked. We spoke to the desk person as we got off the plane. Since we were so delayed it looks like everyone that was waiting for our flight to arrive had been moved to another flight. They tried to re-book us while we were in Austin, but we had already taken off by the time they got a hold of someone in Austin. The next available flight home was already booked out. So we ended up on a 9:30 pm flight. Which was quite frustrating to go through all that hassle and now were stuck in Santa Ana for another 3 1/2 hours. They did give us each a $100 voucher and put us on preferred boarding, so that eased the pain.

 So we left the airport and headed to a nearby sushi restaurant.

Sushi Imari seemed like a good place that was located very close to the airport. A taxi ride from the airport was only about $10,

When sushi restaurants carry items like Blue Fin Toro you can bet they know what they're doing.

Looks like the universe doesn't want Tomi's bachelor party to end. So Sake bombs it is.

I love nice frosty mugs.

Torched Blackcod & Uni (sea urchin) both were very tasty.

Sashimi salad. I think Tomi feels guilty eating all that BBQ.

One of their speicals. Forgot what it was called, but it had fried onions on it.

They also gave up complimentary grilled salmon kama (salmon collar)

Back at the airport had one more round before we boarded.

I was worried that Austin might have been too hot for everyone, but they all seemed to have enjoyed the city. That brings an end to Tomi's bachelor party.

Where to next? Hawaii... going to be the girlfriends first visit to Hawaii, super excited to show her around my favorite vacation destination.

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