Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Austin, Tx: Day 2

I tried to pre-order Franklin's BBQ for our trip, but Franklin's was closed for 10 days and it just happened to be on the same week that we were visiting. Talk about bad timing. So some of the guys got up early and headed to John Mueller Meat Co. They were anticipating a line since Franklin's was closed, but there wasn't much of a line.

The rest of us woke up a bit late and didn't arrive until way later.

I got a brisket sandwich, pork ribs, and a side of potato salad. I didn't care for the ribs much, but the brisket was delicious.

The only thing that was missing was BBQ sauce. This style of BBQ came with a side of sauce but it was a light sauce that reminded me of au-jus for a roast beef sandwich.

Tomi and Loi got pulled pork, brisket, ribs, potato sald and cheese squash. Which they will later regret. Lol.

All that BBQ gave us food coma so some of the guys headed back to the hotel to rest. Viet, Anh and I headed out on a Poke Crawl. Austin has an abundance of Pokemon that I can't easily find back at home.

So we bar hopped while playing the game. The bartenders were pretty used to it, cause they knew exactly what we were playing and also suggested places for us to find other types.

We spent a great deal of time at The Four Horsemen which was conveniently situated in a hot zone for Pokemon.

The venue was very spacious with some old cabinet games, and pinball machines.

Some of the other guys eventually made their way out.

We decided to move to Easy Tiger bake shop and beer garden. I've seen this place featured on the Food Network before.

Around 5 pm we headed back to the hotel so that we could get ready for dinner. Viet had made a reservation for a fancy dinner.

At 7 pm we arrive at Perry's Steakhouse & Grille 

Asian Ahi Tuna Tartare

Beef & Blue.

Escargot with puff pastry

Viet and I split a 14.oz American Wagyu. This was an amazing piece of steak.

Anh got the Perry's Famous Pork Chop (I believed this is carved table side) I'm not a big fan of pork chops, but Anh gave me a piece to try, and I would definitely order the pork chop if I ever get the chance again.

Fried asparagus with lump crab meat.

Truffle Steak Fries.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to drop off the car and to get ready for our night out. Remember that cheese squash from John Mueller's? Well it did a number on Tomi and he ended up staying in for the night. He thought he was feeling better, but then at Perry's he decided to have lobster mac'n cheese. Which didn't help the situation.

My brother told me to venture away from Dirty 6 and check out West 6th Street. The locals told us it's a bit more upscale compared to Dirty 6. So we walked towards West 6th.

It was around 9 ish when we hit the streets. Dirty 6 was just getting started.

It was a bit of a walk to West 6th.

Saw an outdoor bar and we headed in for a drink.

Buy one beer for the price of 2 and get the second beer free.

Drinks are just a tad bit more expensive at West 6th.

Our server at Perry's mention a place called Kung Fu Saloon and we just happened to be nearby so we checked it out.

The inside of the bar is made to resemble a retro arcade parlor.

The music was great at Kung Fu Saloon, and the crowd was very chill. Probably a bit too chill for us, so we left and grabbed a pedicab and headed back to Dirty 6th. Where bachelor parties belong.

We passed by a few other roof top bars on 5th street.

Hopped into the first bar we could find and had some shots.

Made our way back to The Thirsty Nickel for drinks with Alyssa.

Anthony still catching Pokemon on 6th Street. Which there were a lot.

Anh missed out on the first night on 6th Street and he wanted to hear some house music, so we headed back to Vulcan Gas Company.

6th Street got really packed.

Police was there to keep everyone in line, but the whole time I was there didn't see one fight or any confrontation.

We were drawn to any place that had good music.

We closed out the rest of our night at Thirsty Nickel.

The back room at the Thirsty Nickel was a lot quieter.

After the bars closed we got in line for some cart food.

I wanted some pastor tacos.

Everyone in line waiting for tacos.

I thought they were going to be small street tacos that I get back at home, so I ordered 6 of them. They stuffed the tacos with pastor. I was only able to finish 3 of them.

Last meal for the night.

That ends night 2. One more night to go.


  1. That was great! Finally got to live the night I missed out on, thanks Bro!

  2. That was great! Finally got to live the night I missed out on, thanks Bro!


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