Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Austin, Tx: Day 3.

Got up in the morning and headed out for some Vietnamese pho to help ease the pain from drinking the night before.

Ended up at Pho Please

Growing up with Vietnamese food I was a bit skeptical with finding good Pho especially since the bay area offers so many great places for it.

Pho Please has an americanized ordering system. It reminded me of Chipotle.

They even do Vietnamese Coffee right also.

The Pho was surprisingly good.

After lunch we headed to Buffalo Billards to meet up with some of the guys before they head home today.

Space Cowboy.

Jimmy, Steven, and Garret were heading home a day early, but they definitely got their parties worth in Austin.

Tomi and Art dropped the boys off at the airport.

Loi and Anthony bought Chicago deep dish pizza from Gino's East.

The crust was very similar to a pie crust but instead of fruit filling you got pizza. It was delicious.

The Tomi and Art got back from the airport we headed off to Easy Tiger for some drinks and snacks.

Old Fashion

Snack Board: 2 small pretzels, house mustard, beer cheese, beef jerky, and house made chex mix. Great drinking snacks. The pretzels and beer cheese is a must try.

Easy Tiger's take on the French 75.

Around 8 pm we started to head back to the hotel so we could get ready for TopGolf, but on our way back we stopped by Jim-Jim's Water-Ice

I think this is grape.

Blue coconut

Strawberry Lemonade.

Around 9 pm he head off for TopGolf

TopGolf is driving range that keeps score for you. There are microchips in the balls and depending on which hole and where in the hole your ball lands, you score points. It's $40/hour per lane. You have to buy a $5 ID card so that you can keep score of each individual. If you don't care about keeping score then you can buy just one card and having everyone play off of that. You use your ID card to swipe into your lane and starting hitting.

They also have a full bar and restaurant.

They also have huge fans all along the driving range to keep you cool during the heat.

The food is pretty good also. We played TopGolf until we closed out the place at midnight. It was really fun and some of the guys even thought about getting their own set of clubs and just hitting the range back at home. We took it easy on our last night. Got to fly home tomorrow.

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