Thursday, July 14, 2016

Las Vegas Day 2: Chad's last hoorah

I was still sleeping, but Phat woke me up around 1 pm to go eat lunch. So off to Chinatown we go.

While walking to Pho Kim Long, we happen to come across The Golden Tiki. Didn't expect to find a Tiki bar in Chinatown. We didn't go in, but after seeing the reviews of the place, I wish I stopped by for a drink.

Nothing like a bowl of wonton noodle soup after a night of heavy drinking.

After lunch headed back to Cosmo to place some sport bets. It's great that Uber is in Vegas now. Before it used to be very difficult to get a cab to pick us up at places off the strip, but now we can just call an Uber and there in minutes, plus their quite cheaper than a taxi too.

Then we headed to the Miracle Mile Shope.

Urban Outfitters.

Grabbed myself an Icee while at the mall. It's freaking hot outside.

Also got myself a cookie from Nestle Toll House

Before heading back up to the room to continue my sleep. Phat wanted to have one go on electronic craps. I had a great streak going. Check out that roll history.

Got up around 8 pm to get ready for Marquee. Had some Catfish claypot that we got earlier from Pho Kim Long.

Phat hit a nice parlay at the sportsbook so he went to collect that before we headed to the club.

I was very well rested for the long night that is to come.

Raul brought stacks of singles for his entertainment.

It's been a while since I've been to Vegas on a weekend, but was surprised that Marquee was a bit slow. They didn't even open up the Library or Boombox room. Marquee is my favorite club to visit cause I like their floor plan and you can venture to so many different rooms, but I guess with so many new clubs opening up after Marquee people are checking those venues out. Plus it was UFC 200 weekend so there were probably celebrity hosted parties at the newer clubs. Some of the newer clubs that open up after Marquee are Light @ Mandalay Bay, Jewel @ Aria, Intrigue @ Wynn, Hyde @ Bellagio, & Omni @ Caesars just to name a few. I am yet to visit those clubs.

Tables still available around midnight.

Our runner and server.

The Bachelor.

This bachelorette party  hanging out with us lost their bachelorette.

He's still alive and walking.

They finally found the bachelorette.

Phat had some friends that were also in Vegas. So they stopped by Marquee for a few drinks.

We tried getting some pizza at Secret Pizza at Cosmo, but there was a very long line. I guess it's not a secret anymore.

The girls didn't want to wait anymore so they headed back to their hotel.

Phat and I were hungry so we headed to McDonald's

A meal fit for a king.

That's it for night number 2. One more night to go.

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