Friday, July 15, 2016

Las Vegas Day 3: Chad's last hoorah

Woke up around 1 pm and headed to the casino to rack up some points on the players card. Electronic Craps at Cosmo doesn't accept players cards. So needed to get some points to show for our stay.

Ended up giving quite a bit to the slots. So we headed over to sports booking to place some bets.

Then played some more e-craps to see if we can get some money back.

and we did.

Now time for lunch. We headed over to Earl of Sandwich at the Miracle Mile Shops.

I couldn't decide on the Hawaiian BBQ or the Chipotle Chicken so I got both.

The Hawaiian BBQ consisted of chicken, ham, pineapple, and BBQ sauce. It was like eating a Hawaiian Pizza but as a sandwich.

Chipotle chicken avocado (bacon, chicken, cheddar, avocado, & chipotle sauce). My usual go to. I also liked the Cannonball (meatball) but it looks like they don't serve that anymore.

Looks like Cosmo will be getting a momofuki mild bar soon. I got some cookies from the milk bar in NYC. Didn't try it, but heard it was really good.

Time to rack up some more points.

USB outlets are starting to show up at certain slot machines. Looks like they really don't want you to leave.

A compilation of some of our slot wins on the Lightening Strike slots. Our friend jack hit the major on three of the machines last time. Thought we would give it a go.

I was looking for the Plants vs Zombies slot and stumbled upon Game of Thrones slots. I had to play it.

Didn't make any money off G.O.T slots, but it was a bit entertaining.

USB outlet built into the slot machine. We usually carry around an external battery, but looks like we don't have to anymore.

Might as well get our drinking started.

Our parlay baseball game was about to start so we sat down at the sports book to watch the game.

After loosing our parlay bet, we headed back to e-craps.

and hit a few great rounds of craps.

Headed up stairs to eat some left overs and have some drinks.

The guys had arranged for us to be picked up and taken to a gentleman's club at 7 pm to watch UFC 200. Phat and I placed a parlay bet for Cormier, Lessner, and Tate. Tate's odds alone were 3 to 1. After watching Lessner win, I thought we had it in the bag. Until Tate stepped into the ring and got destroyed.

Pretty much ended the night with lots of drinking and gambling.

Next morning my body was beat. Went to Wicked Spoons, but I didn't really have an appetite. Pretty much gambled until it was time to head home. Phat's host had arranged for a driver to take us to the airport.

Ended up getting to ride in an Audu A8 L it was quite plush.

That ends this trip. Did a lot of drinking and gambling. Really bummed I didn't win any of the parlay bets, but that's gambling for ya.

Next on the agenda will be another bachelor trip, but this time in Austin Texas. Can't wait to have some awesome BBQ.


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  2. You should make a post about your video craps strategy.

    1. It's actually my craps strategy. Im not sure if I'm ready to share it with the world. Afraid the casino might change the maximum bet if it becomes to well known. Haha

    2. It's my brother's strategy. I just learned it on this trip, but he's been playing with it for quite some time. It's aggressive, but it's big gains or big losses.

  3. Awesome post!It's actually my craps strategy. Im not sure if I'm ready to share it with the world. Afraid the casino might change the maximum bet if it becomes to well known. Haha
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