Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Las Vegas: Chad's last hoorah

My buddy Chad is getting married. So he invited my brother and I to his bachelor party. Another one bites the dust. Here is Chad's last hoorah.

Decided to start my vacation off by grabbing some grub at Weinerschnitzel while on the way to the airport. Chili cheese dog.

Bacon ranch chili cheese tots.

Lucked out and had no one sitting between us on our flight.

Drink tickets expire this month. Need to get rid of them. Jack and coke.

We docked on the other side of the terminals. I haven't been on the old side of the Vegas airport in years. No tram here, just a long walk.

We arrived to Vegas around 6 pm.

Phat's host sent a driver to meet him at the airpot when he arrived.

We usually travel in a large group, but since there was only two of us they sent a SUV instead of a limo.

Checking in at the Cosmo vip lounge.

Complimentary coffee, tea and desserts.

Terrace Suite.

I don't remember Cosmo giving toothpaste in the past, but lucky for me they do now. I needed to buy some anyways.

After checking in we headed to Walgreens for some snacks.

It was really hot in Vegas. The whole week was nothing under 104*.

The room has a microwave and oven. Thought we would utilize it.

Had about an  hour to kill before meeting up with the rest of the party for dinner. So we went gambling.

Dinner was at 9 pm at Texas De Brazil an all you can eat Brazilian BBQ located just past Mandalay Bay.

Sauteed mushrooms, potato salad and lobster bisque. The lobster bisque was really good and it's all you can eat.

Parmesan chicken and sausage. The sausage tasted like a milder version of Longganisa.

Mashed potatoes and fried bananas.

Parmesan pork.

The house special Brazilian Picanha

Filet Mignon and Bacon wrapped Filet Mignon.

Lamb Chop

Everything was really good. Can't really say I had a specific favorite.

The bachelor make his toast and bro-mancing.

Some of the guys had delayed flights and came in late. So they came to dinner straight from the airport. After dinner we headed to Planet Hollywood so the rest of them can check in and to pre-party before our night begins.

Headquarters for the bachelor party was in the remodeled 2 bedroom Boulevard Suite.

Yes the room has a swing.

The swing is limited so that people don't kill themselves. Believe me, it saved a lot of people from harm.

While the rest of the group was settling in. Phat and I headed downstairs for drinks and some gambling while we waited.

Around midnight the rest of the group was MIA, so Phat and I headed back to Cosmo so that we can rack up some gambling points.

Headed up to the room to get some money and snapped this pic from the balcony.

Fast forward 7 hour came upstairs after gambling and drinking with the group the whole night. Didn't realize the sun was out. We all had a blast sitting at electronic craps and just drinking. The server was great and made sure we had shots in our hands every 5 minutes. It was fun playing crap together.

Was really hungry, then remembered we had Totino's pizza.

and Cheese Puffs.

Best way to end a great night or morning of gambling and drinking.

Two more nights to go.

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