Friday, August 28, 2015

Carnival Inspiration: Ensanada Mexico. Day 3

Wednesday morning we were in Ensanada, Mexico. The ship is docked on land so there is no need to transported to land. You can just walk off the ship.

But first lets get some breakfast.

Don't forget to take your I.D and Sign and Sail card with you.

Drug sniffing canine.

When you get off the ship, there's a building with a bunch of little shops. Don't buy anything until you get back from town. You might find a better deal.

Outside the gift shop building there are shuttles that will take you to town. It cost us $3 for a round trip per person.

The shuttle dropped us off at a little plaza.

Everyone told us that if we wanted to drink, Papas&Beer was the place to go. Since Ahslie was here a few months ago, so she knew exactly where to go.

Papas&Beer was a short walk from the Plaza. Do expect locals aggressively trying to sell you stuff or to get you into their shops.

When we got to Papas&Beer it was dead. I thought maybe we were early, but unfortunately it didn't get any busier. It was a Wednesday and the workers told us that the weekend cruise was the day to come. All of my friends had gone to Papas&Beer on the weekend cruise and had a blast, but I guess I chose the wrong date to visit Papas&Beer. Oh well lets get our drink on!

Strawberry Daiquiri & Jager Bomb.

As you can see the place was empty.

I have heard a lot things about the stage show & Jimmy talked them into getting me on stage.

I hate tequila... seriously.

Going for a ride.

Not a fun ride.. I hate you Jimmy.

Fresh guacamole made table side. Did you know that the word Avocado derives from the Aztec word "testicle".. I'm not kidding and the word guacamole means "testicle sauce"? Source

Pina Colada

I ordered the fish tacos at Papas&Beer. Nothing special about them, but the rice was good though.

Guacamole was $8

I don't like beer, and couldn't drink it anymore. So I switch to liquor. Long Island.

They had random performers throughout the day. These guys were break dancing.

It's a soccer bowl.

After Papas&Beer we decided to do a bit of exploring and shopping.

We happened to run into a Lion Cub.

$25 for two to take a picture with it and pet it? Hell yes, it's not everyday that you get a chance to pet a lion.

He or she was so out of it. I'm pretty sure she was drugged up.

She did however hop off our laps and onto the ground.

It sort of woke up..... kind of.

We stopped by another bar to use their restrooms.

Got drinks while we were at it.

Had to check out Mexico's McDonald's to what different menu items they had.

Got myself a cheese pie. It was awesome.

I think this was a mango & chamoy popsicle

We didn't venture to far down the street and eventually turned back and headed for Papas&Beer, but on the way we were talked into stopping by this small bar.

and once again, they got me. Don't ever mention it's your birthday.

I really really really dislike beer.

after they were done with me, we were able to talk the girls into drinking also! Even Grandma had a drink. Wish I had a picture of that.

Got back to Papas&Beer. They even have their own police officer hanging out there.

Diane does not look like she's having fun.

Go have fun Diane.

Carne Asada fries.

Besides drinking and shopping, there wasn't much left to do, it was pretty slow in downtown, so we headed back to the Plaza to grab a shuttle back to the ship.

Jimmy was quite drunk by this time. Thought I would get him a helicopter ride.

waiting in line to scan our stuff before we board our ship.

Pool time!

Don't remember this, but pictures don't lie. Pillow Fight!

The drinking continues.


Lets race!

More cocktails.

Time to get ready for dinner.

Shrimp cocktail. Not he cocktail I was looking for.


Steak with roasted garlic.

I think chicken parmesan

fish or chicken I don't know.

Steak tacos

BBQ ribs, these we really good, or I was really drunk.

S'More parfait

Carrot cake, it was okay.

Mango Creme cake.

We were drinking all day, so we were really tired.

Jimmy and I were the last ones standing. They were having a pool deck party that night.

Eventually we made it to the club, but I was so tired and called it a night by 12 am. This was the only night that I didn't max out my Cheers program.

Tomorrow it's a day at sea.

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