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Carnival Inspiration Ensanada Mexico Cruise. Day 2

Woke up around 9:30 am. Our first stop on the trip was Catalina Island. Went to John's room to so that I could check my phone. Since we're still in California we had cellphone service.

After everyone was ready, we headed off for some breakfast.

Your usual breakfast buffet offerings.

Honey Nut Cheerios! I haven't had these in years.

Our Zip Line adventure was booked at noon. They told us to meet in the Paris Lounge at 11 am so that we can get assigned a group number and get a on boat to transfer us to land.

So we waited about 30 mins for people to gather at the Paris Lounge. Then they tell you to head to deck 3 to get on the boat. You need to have a valid form of I.D and your Sail and Sign card to get off and on the boat. Ashlie misplaced her ID so she ran back to get it. We waited for her at the Lounge, but after waiting a while we were running behind schedule. So we went down to deck 3 to get on the boat, but they put us on the wrong boat. The boat was pretty empty. I was like where are all the people ahead of us. I looked around and saw that there was another boat in front of us. Ashlie called me and was asking where we were at. I told her we were on the boat and she was also, but she was on the correct boat and we were put on the incorrect boat.

So their boat took off earlier and made it the the Zip Line appt on time, while we had to sit on the second boat and wait for another group to arrive and load the boat before we could take off. It took forever and the boat was not calm. Even though I had the patch on the motion was getting to me.

Just a tip, you don't have to go to the Paris Lounge to board the boat. You can bypass the whole wait and group number assignment and go directly to deck 3 and board the boat. They don't care. They'll let you board. Just make sure you have your I.D and Sign and Sail card.

Eventually we finally made to Catalina Island. It's literally like a 5 min ride.

Once you get off the boat there are signs for each excursion and they'll tell you where you need to go.

We were running behind schedule, but there was a car waiting for us to transfer us to the Zip Line.

When we got to the Zip Line, Jimmy and Ashlie were already waiting for us. Even though we were late they still accepted our noon appt for Zip Lining. Another group which didn't book on the Carnival Cruise missed their appt and the Zip Line could not squeeze them in. They only had an opening at 2 pm which that group couldn't attend due to another event they had. So that group had to forfeit their appt. I don't think they got a refund either.

Any ways. Zip Lining was awesome. I highly recommend it. There are 5 lines. Our guides Jake and Jewels were awesome and funny. We had a total of 9 people in our group and 2 guides.

I was able to get videos of the first 4 zips, first time using a GoPro so my video angle is a bit off.

After Zip Lining we had about an hour before we had to get back on the boat. We were told that the last boat is at 4pm.

So we immediately headed down to the beach to grab a few drinks.

Pearfection. Goose Citrus, Pear Cider and fresh lime juice.

The Catalina Wine Mixer does exist.

It was a gorgeous day at Catalina. High 70's and clear skies.

After our drinks it was time to head back to the boat. It was suggested by our Zip Line guide to walk back along the coast to take in the views. So we did.

It was about a 15-20 minute walk. Well worth it.

While we were waiting in line to board, there was a small icee cart next to us. Had to get some and glad that we did.

Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade.

The Sail and Sign card helps to identify who's on or off the ship. Since this was the last boat to leave the island. There was a few people missing. It ended up delaying us for 30 minutes. We were at the point that we were going to leave them behind. The Captain said over the intercom "looks like they're staying on the island" they loaded up the ramps and everything. At the very last minute this couple shows up. What part of you need to be back at 4 pm don't you understand. It was very frustrating. They had to pull the ramps back and out load the last couple on. SMH.

It took so long that Diane fell asleep.

We were starving, so right when we got back on board we headed to the buffet.

After a late lunch everyone want to take a rest. I headed to the gym. I was really surprised with the equipment they had available.

Lot's of machines and dumbbells up to 75lbs. No barbells though.

They also provided towels and cleaning spray.

After getting a quick workout it was time to drink!

We hung out until the late evening. They closed the pool and the girls headed back to get some rest. So Jimmy John and I continued our drinking rampage. Got to max out the 15 drinks.

They had a small arcade on the ship. Nothing worth visiting.

and we headed back to the Violin Bar.

Saw this bottle of goose. Never seen it before. It was $15 a shot, cost more than the Hennessy XO. It's called Grey Goose VX never seen a super premium bottle of Vodka before.

While we were hanging at the bar, we noticed there were a lot of people dressed up. I was wondering why. Come to find out that tonight's dinner is formal night. So we left to our room to get ready. When we got to the room, there was a card with the dress attire guideline expected for tonight. It was the normal no: shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, etc... but it also said no jeans. I only brought one polo and one pair of jeans. Oh well going to have to make due. They really didn't care.

So on formal dinner night, there's a way better dinner menu.

Earlier when we were at the bar. Jimmy had to get a status on how many drinks he had left. He was already at 11 drinks and it was only 8 pm. So he asked what was the best way to stretch out his drinks. The bartender recommended that we get the martini. It's 3 shots of Kettle One Vodka and a bit of vermouth. It's totally worth it if you're running low on available drinks or if you want to get drunk for a low cost.

For tonight's dinner John and Robyn presented a bottle of etoile Tete de Cuvee sparkling wine. I can't even pronounced it, but I'll drink it.

I had the stuffed mushrooms for starters.

Beef Carpaccio

Prime Rib.

Spaghetti Carbonara

Lobster & shrimp.

Jimmy had all three entrees: Prime rib, Lobster, and Striped Bass. Same as all dinners you can have all you want and as much as you want.

Striped Bass.

Technically my birthday wasn't until midnight, but sure why not.

Hazelnut cake.

Fruit platter.

Creme Brulee.

I forgot what this was.

After dinner we headed to the comedy show, it was okay, but it's for freeee.

Then we stopped by the Karaoke bar.

After the Karaoke bar closed we headed to the club. It was empty when we got there.

Drinking our night away. Need to get 15 drinks worth.

The club filled up real quick.

Diane wouldn't drink on this trip. Booooo!

but she did have one, or technically 1/4 of one.


We ended up going to Lido Deck to play some more corn hole.

Looks like eveyone's asleep.

I don't even know what time we went to sleep, but it was another great day. Zip Lining is a must if you get a chance. Tomorrow we will be in Ensanada, Mexico.

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  1. thanks for sharing me and my girls are going in june for my 22nd birthday never been on a cruise . this helped alot and enjoyed your photos


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