Wednesday, August 5, 2015

California Shabu Shabu & Afters Ice Cream

By the time I got up, Phat and Phillip had return from their fishing trip. Everyone struck out on the fishing trip except for Phat. He got a Bluefin Tuna.

For lunch we headed to California Shabu Shabu I've always thought Hot Pot and Shabu were the same. I've never been a fan, but this is where they wanted to go.

This is a bit different. Each person has their own station and pot.

You have an assortment of meats to choose from.

You're also provided two types of base sauces and you can spice and garnish them the way you like. One is like a light soy base sauce and the other is more of a creamy/peanut-ish sauce.

Son got the choice New York. Size: Jack (16 pcs)

I got the Rib Eye (16 pcs)

So you cook your choice meat in the pot. They also provide you a side dish full of veggies, noodles, and tofu. Rice is also provided. Brown or white.

Near the end of your meal they also provide a bowl of soup base, you cook the remainder of your meat, noodles, veggies, and tofu.

and you can make a noodle dish at the end. So remember to save some of your fixings for the end.

Shabu Shabu was surprisingly satisfying. I was stuffed, but Son's nephews wanted to get ice cream. I went just to snap some pics. They were raving about how great this ice cream place is.

We went to Afters Ice Cream

Some of their toppings.

A great variety of ice cream flavors.

What Afters Ice Cream is known for is their milk bun ice cream sandwich.

I was so full I couldn't eat anymore, but since I was there I thought I would have a sample of the cookie monster ice cream. It was delicious so I ended up getting a cookie monster in a frosted milk bun. No toppings. I thought I would just have a a few bites and give away the rest.... I ate it all. It was that good. The bun was warm and soft. It reminded me of a glazed Krispy Kreme donut with cookie dough ice cream in the middle.

A must try if your in the area. Glad I ended up getting one.

After lunch, we just hung out around the house until it was time to head home.

Phillip and I got to the airport pretty early so we grab a few drinks before our vacation ended.

Had a great time in SoCal as always. Can't wait to go back.

Next on the agenda?

Going on my very first Cruise to Mexico. Stay tuned.

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