Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Carnival Inspiration day 4 & 5 : Day at sea & debarking.

For our 4th day on the cruise, it was a whole day at sea. We woke up pretty early Thursday morning. We all met up and headed for brunch.

Seaday Brunch menu.

Our brunch was served with this nice assortment of bread and muffins. It was really good.

Robyn got started with a Bloody Mary.

Tomato soup.

Fresh fruit and cottage cheese.

Mac & Cheese with fried chicken.

Huevos Rancheros

Fat Stack Pancakes.


After brunch, we headed up to the top deck to check out the mini golf course.

They also had a small track on the top deck. 11 laps = 1 mile.

How far can you hand stand walk?... not that far.

Looks like they're cleaning the pool. Worst time to clean the pool when it's a day at sea. We're going to need that pool.

Okay lets get back to business. Drinks! Shade-ade. Tasted just like a pink starburst.


So apparently one of the kids on the boat threw up in the pool, hence why it was being cleaned out. Party foul.

Designated smoking areas.

At this point we were just visiting other bars.

The cruise had plenty of activities on the day at sea. Watching the ice carving was one of them.

Hard to tell from the picture, but it was a profile of a native indian with a head of feathers.

Lunch time! Mongolian Wok stir fry.

I had chili and cheese fries instead.

Hairy chest contest.

More drinks.

At this point we were just killing time. We were looking forward to seeing the Hasbro game show at 4pm.


Made to order sandwiches.

Eventually we made it out to the Hasbro live game show, but it was cancelled. Apparently. 1/3 of the boat guest were part of a company trip and they took over the Paris Lounge during the Hasbro Game show, so it was cancelled. That was a big disappointment.

So we headed back to the Violin bar to figure out what other activities we could do.

We just happened to walk in on a Trivia game. So we sat down and started to play.

One of the trivia games was name that song & artist. They played a great selection of songs and it was really fun. The winner gets a tiny cruise trophy. We did not win.

A list of all the activities that they had going on the boat for the day.

Starting to run out of drinks on the cheers program, so I switched over to martinis.

They were giving out samples of food.

Eventually it was time for our last dinner of the trip. So we headed to our room to get ready.

Our room had luggage tags and instructions on how to check out or debark the next morning.

Cakebread Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon.

BBQ chicken flat bread.

I think this was escargot.


I think this was a strawberry soup.

Crab cake.

Chicken? or maybe fish..

Flat iron steak.

Chile Relleno.

Mac and cheese.

Banana White Chocolate Bread Pudding & Cheese Cake.

After dinner we headed back to Violin Bar for more drinks.

Played mini golf at night. It was very windy that night.

Ended the night at the club, I was starting to feel a bit sick. My 3 day seasick patch had worn off and it was the 4 day. I was starting to feel the affects of the cruise ship and was only able to stay up until 1 am.

The next morning it was time to debark. You have two options for debarking. Each room has a time slot for debarking. For our room option 1) If we take our own bags off, we can line up to debark at 8:45 am. Option 2) you slap on a luggage tag and leave your bags outside your room the night before and they will take your bags off for you, but then our line up time to debark would have been 10:15 am. I wanted to get off the boat early so we choose option 1. Huge mistake.

Apparently everyone wanted off the boat early also. So there was a ridiculously long line to debark. We ended up going for breakfast instead so that the line could die down.

If we chose option 2 it would have been a lot easier and there's a separate line for option 2. So I recommend going with option 2 to debark.

John and Robyn got off the boat first so they headed to Los Angeles first to grab a table for lunch. We ended up at Tsujita La Artisan Noodle.

They have the best ramen around. I wish we could get this up north.

After lunch we headed to the airport to catch our flight home.

I still had sea legs and it was really weird. I was burnt out from the trip, but I think it was mostly due to the patch running out on the last day. Overall it was a fun trip and I'm glad I did it at least once.

Next on the agenda is our annual Knott's Scary Farm and Disneyland trip. The one trip I look forward to the most every year!

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