Thursday, February 12, 2015

Vegas Superbowl 2015: Marquee & Wyclef Jean

Superbowl weekend and we headed off to Vegas as usual. I think this is our 5th year or so, I forget.

Surprisingly this is the first time I have flown to Vegas with Southwest and there was no SkyMall to be found. So Here's the cover of Southwest The Magazine.

Time to get the vacation started off right.

Free drink coupons! Thanks Southwest.

But if you don't have drink tickets, you can always bring provide your own. Look at these veterans, they know what they're doing.

We flew in on Saturday. We had about 20+ people going on this trip. Half of us arrived on Saturday the other half were arriving Sunday.

Limo ride to the Cosmopolitan.

Anh missed out Superbowl last year, but she made an appearance for 2015.

Vee hasn't been to Vegas in a decade. Hope he can keep up. Bottoms up.

I only had comp rooms for Sunday and Monday, so I crashed with Ben for the first night. Views from his room.

After settling in we headed down to Sports Booking to place our bet for the game.

I placed my bet on Seattle. I dislike Seattle, but if I bet on them it's a win win for me.

Our buzz was wearing off, so we needed a pick me up. Head to the Chandelier Bar, Parker bought us a round of drinks!

We were set to party at XS tomorrow when the rest of the group arrived, but Ben wanted to also party tonight. So we booked a table for Saturday night at Marquee.

After placing our bets, we were starving so we headed off to Lobster ME at the Miracle Mile shops.

Arnold Palmer.

Lobster Grilled Cheese.

Lobster Roll with Chowder Fries.

After lunch we headed to CVS to stock up on goodies for the night, then we headed off to gamble a bit.

Headed back to my favorite slot machine, Tarzan. I hit a nice bonus of +$400 a little over a month ago. So I had to try my luck again.

Nicole just finished playing the machine when I got on. She told me it stole $40 bucks from her. I was hesitant, but I had to give it a try. TARZAN slot bonus commence!

A bunch of other machines that we tried out for the night.

Wonder Woman Slot machine was kind to me also.

Phillip also hit a bonus also. He's a bit greedier than I am.

Phat hit a $120 spin off of $2.50. Wonder Woman was being nice to everyone!

Phat hit another killer +$200 bonus. Just one lion away, but a win is a win.

Not all bonuses pay out great. Here's a compilation of all our NOT so great slot bonus wins.

Time for electronic craps. Didn't do so well on this machine, but we sit for the free drinks. "C'mon, push the button"

Peter with slot loser Nicole.

Haven't been to Vegas with this guy in years. It was nice to see this guy again. Going to get married soon, so might as well soak it up while he can. We'll be back in May for his bachelor party. Going to be my first bachelor party trip to Vegas, surprisingly.

We got hungry again so we sat down at Book & Stage had got some drinks. It sucks that the cocktail servers aren't more active during the day. Takes for ever to find them on the floor, so eventually we just bought drinks.

Peter and Nicole bought pizza from Secret Pizza

Phillip and I put some money together and hit Tarzan one more time.

Eventually time flew by and it was time to hit the club. Originally it was suppose to be 8-9 people going, but most got wasted and couldn't make it out. So it came down to 4 of us, and one of Ben's friend that lives in the area. Usually they play house in the main room, but Wyclef Jean was performing tonight. So they had hip-hop/ top 40's in the main room and house in the BoomBox room.

There was a total of 5 us, but Ben really wanted to be in the main room. It was a $2, 500 spending fee that night for the main room.

We ended up with a Magnum bottle of Goose for Ben, his friend, and myself, and Phillip and Jensen had to work on the Hennessy Privilege. We had our work cut out for us.

Our server for the night with Jensen.

Eventually Ben's friend paid us a visit. I forget her name, but we requested her, but she was working in the BoomBox room that night.

Ben you look too sober, lets fix that.

Jensen and I made down to the stage to see Wyclef perform. He was quite entertaining.

After the performance we came back to this. Mr. Dom P strikes again.

Now we had three bottles to finish between the 5 of us.

Eventually Phillip and Jensen called it quits for the night and headed back to their room, but in exchange our friend Rick and his buddy showed up. Even with two fresh recruits, we still couldn't kill off the bottles.

I lost my wallet that night and lucky for me Rick found it near our table. Lost my wallet once before, don't want to have that happen again.

Got to finish the bottle somehow and our server was helping out.

Don't forget to take care of our runners and busboys.

We had a few drinks with the table next to us. They were nice people.

We were able to finish the Dom P, but ended up giving away the Privilege to the table next to us. Did you that they will package your unfinished bottles for you and you can take it? I didn't, but maybe that's because we usually don't have anything left over. Still pretty cool.

After the club we headed to McDonald's.

Thanks Rick for fining my wallet. Saved me a huge headache on this trip.

Glad they were still serving lunch food instead of breakfast. I love the BigMac!

and they had a Strawberry & cream pie! it was amazing, or maybe I was just drunk.

The last photo for the night. Great night, lots of drinking and the slot machines have been generous. So far so good.

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