Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 4: Earl of Sandwich & Holsteins

Since I didn't get to play Baccarat last night, I went to bed pretty early. So I was up early also. Checked out of the room around 11 am and headed over to Earl of Sandwich at Planet Hollywood for some lunch.

Tuna Melt

Chipotle Chicken Avocado

Couldn't decide on these two sandwiches so I split my order with Jack. The Tuna Melt was amazing. The Chipotle Chicken Avocado was ok. I usually get the Cannonball (meatball sandwich) but thought I would change it up this time.

After lunch played a few more slots at Planet Hollywood.

Even though we had a few hours before our flight home, Jensen was able to talk me into drinking again.

We didn't stick around Planet Hollywood for too long and headed back to Cosmo. Everyone had already checked out of their rooms and was on the casino floor burning some time and money until it was time to head home. The Baccarat table was finally open so I hopped with Phat and Pierce.

Had a lot more drinks while I was at it. Ended up sitting for about 2 hours or so on the Baccarat table and made a few hundred bucks back from Vegas.

After that Thomas, Parker and I headed to Holstein's Shakes and Buns for some burgers.

Fried pickle spears.

The Rising Sun: Kobe Beef, Teriyaki Glaze, Nori Furikake, Crispy Yam, Spicy Mayo, Tempura Avocado (I highly doubt that this burger is made from real Japanese Kobe Beef after reading this article) $18

Burger was pretty good though, but a bit on the fatty side.

El Caliente: Beef Patty Topped w/ Pepper Jack Cheese, Pickled Jalapeno, Avocado, Pork Chicharrones & Tequila-Cilantro Mayo

Nom Nom Burger: Kobe Beef, Cheddar Cheese, Potato Chips, 1000 Island Dressing (another play on the Faux Kobe) I guess to justify the high price of the burger. $17.5

close up of the Rising Sun Burger.

By the time we finished our meal it was time to head home. Made some of my money back on the last day and was able to finally play Baccarat and rack up some player point. I'm done with Vegas for now. I'll be back to see them again in May, but before then we'll be off to party in Austin Texas. Never been there before, so that'll be a new adventure. Can't wait.


  1. Great report, really enjoyed it, from reading your report you'll like Austin a lot, certainly not Vegas, but a fun spot.

  2. Just got back from Austin a few days ago, and you were correct. That place is awesome. Will be posting soon. Thanks MIchael


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