Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 2: Cosmopolitan Wraparound Terrace Suite, XS Nightclub, & Planet Dailies

Had a long night last night and didn't wake up until noon. Headed off to Planet Hollywood to have some breakfast... or lunch.

We went to Planet Dailies was told they have an awesome Loco Moco, but I ended up with the chicken salad sandwich.

After brunch we headed back to the Cosmo. The rest of the group was starting to arrive. I also needed to check into my room for the rest of the trip.

Another comp room all to myself.

By the time I settled into my new room, it was almost time for the big game. Phat was able to score the wrap around suite. So we all gathered there to watch the game.

Walk around video of the Wraparound Terrace Suite

Getting our pre-game on.

Rick brought Pizza Hut. My favorite pizza, besides Totino's frozen pizza.

The sun was starting to set and Vegas was about to get real lively.

Panoramic from Phat's wrap around terrace.

All the lights!

After watching Seattle's dumbest play call of all time. We headed down to gamble a bit.

It was time to get ready for XS tonight.

The view from my room.

Dressed up and ready to go.

We arrived around 11pm. It was pretty empty.

The one without a drink in their hand doesn't drink at all. Thumbs down.

I think that's as much as Jack can open his eyes.

Yup his eyes are open for sure.

Jason and Nicole make a second appearance to Vegas Superbowl weekend 2 years in a row. Let's see if they become regulars.

The whole gangs all here! This was probably the biggest group we ever had go to Vegas.

Now lets get this party started.

Joining us in Vegas for the first time is John's sister Diane (center). She doesn't look to happy, but she wanted to get white girl wasted. Carmen on the left and Robyn on the right. I actually didn't see Carmen drink once.  Maybe she was scared from the August 2013 Vegas trip? She said she was pacing herself...

Diane on the other hand was a trooper and nothing was slowing her down.

Someone isn't going to go to the stripclub tonight.

Pierce isn't fan of clubbing, but he makes his appearances. He has some very fond memories at XS...

Sober on the left, not so sober on the right.

Ever since Alex moved to SoCal we don't get to see him much, but it was great to see him on this trip.

We actually ended up leaving the club early. I think around 1:30. We're not huge fans of house music, so we didn't bother to wait for the headliner. Which was Little John. We like hip-hop top 40's... and since XS only has one room with one DJ there were no alternatives, but the one place we do know that plays hip-hop.... Rhino.

Red in the back was tearing up the dance floor. That's why everyone was watching him.

So we headed back to Cosmo to change clothes and get some more money. Then we got picked up by the shuttle bus and headed off.

The last picture before I empty my wallet! This is where the pictures stop, cause you know they don't allow camera :)

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