Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 3: White Castle, Pho Kim Long, & Ichiza

By the time I woke up on our third day, I was done with Vegas, but realized I had another full day to go. I was starving. I checked my phone and saw some text messages from Phat that he has bought us all White Castle. I had always wanted to try White Castle and it was nice to find out that one had just recently opened up in Vegas.

So I head to his room. I guess he had purchased it from the night before after leaving the club last night. So it wasn't fresh, but good thing Phat's room had a microwave, popped the burgers in for a few seconds and they were good to go. Not sure how they are freshly made, but I did enjoy them. I like them more than McDonald's cheese burgers. Probably won't be something I crave all the time when I go to Vegas, but it was nice to finally be able to scratch them off my bucket list.

After everyone else got up we headed off for some noodles at Pho Kim Long if your looking for some good noodle soup, you're going to have to leave the strip.

The only problem with leaving the strip is generally it's hard to get a Taxi out there to pick you up if you aren't at a hotel. Especially if you have a large group, but the food is worth it. Just make sure to contact the Cab companies a few minutes before finishing your meal.

Spring Rolls.

Fresh coconut juice. Just what I needed to rehydrate.

Pork & eggrool Vermicelli. This was amazing.

I couldn't decided between the Vermicelli & the Wonton Noodle soup, so Anh and I got both and split this.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel. I was still burnt out so I took a nap. Woke up around 5pm and headed to Phat's room for some drinks.

Back at Phat's room we had plenty of liquor left over from the Superbowl game.

Looks like everyone had the same idea.

After finishing the bottles in the room we headed downstairs to gamble some more. While Phat was playing craps I had him order drinks for me. I didn't feel like playing any slots today. My mind was set on Baccarat for the night.

While the guys played electronic craps, Parker and I piggy backed off their drinks.

Jensen piggy backed off Phillip.

Are you sure you don't want to drink Pierce?

I think that's a yes.

Eventually John and his entourage showed up.

Diane wanted to get wasted at XS last night. Heard she was praying to the porcelain gods after the club. Mission accomplished.

Eventually it was time for dinner. We headed back to Chinatown for dinner at Ichiza

Angry Carmen.

Composed Carmen.

I don't like beer, but if I don't have a choice... I will.

Pork Kimchi

I think this is Bluefin sashimi

Yellowtail Tartar.

Black Cod.

Beef Carpaccio.

Fried rice.

Uni (sea urchin)

Chicken Katsu.

Honey Toast!

After dinner it was back to the casino. We waited for a long time to get on the Baccarat table. It was full. I was drinking while I was waiting, but the people never left. By 2 am I was too tired to wait any longer and headed off to bed.

A not so exciting third night. Still had 1/2 a day tomorrow.

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