Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sunday Funday San Francisco

We were having amazing weather in the Bay Area, so we decided to spend the day in San Francisco. The original plan was to do a food tour in S.F, but that changed relatively quickly.

I have been hearing from a lot of people to try the Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista Cafe so that was our first stop. It was around 1:30pm and there was a line out the door for a table.

Good thing we didn't want to sit and eat. We only wanted to stop by the bar for the Irish Coffee.

So we walked in and guest there were nice enough to make room for us to order our drinks.

The Irish Coffee is amazing. The best I have had yet. What makes its really good is the cold frothed cream they use.

Eventually the guest at the bar were heading out and were kind enough to give us their seats.

Since there was a huge line just to grab a table and we were able to score seats at the bar. We might as well stay a bit longer and have a drink. I thought we should try something else, so I decided on Irish car bombs.

Look at the frosted pint glass they use for the Guinness.

We had been starving since our drive to S.F, but had to grab drinks first. Nicole did a quick search on Yelp and stumbled upon The Codmother Fish & Chips.

They were taking a very long time to prepare our food, so Antonio and I head on a search for another bar while the others were waiting for the food.

The closest bar we found was Castagnola's.

We had another round of car bombs. That's a lot of Guinness.

By the time we got back our food was ready. We ordered the Cod, Crazy Fries, Shrimp & chips, and shrimp tacos.

The Shrimp and chips were nothing to rave about and didn't leave any memorable impression.

The crazy fries were good.

The Cod was also very good. I'm not a big fish and chips expert, but it was good. Would I go back... maybe.

The Shrimp tacos were also nothing to rave about also.

Next to The Codmother was Carmel Pizza Co. Codmother and Carmel Pizza Co. were like food trucks, but they seemed to be there permanently.

We wanted to try a bit of everything so Jeff got us two pizzas from Carmel Pizza Co.

Next to Carmel Pizza Co. was Bacon Bacon  they seem to have multiple locations, but there was a food truck on the day we were there also, but I guess they sold out because around 3pm they were closing up shop.

So after our meal head towards Penny Arcades, but on our way we stopped off at one of the old bars we visited last time. Fisherma's Grotto  enjoyed a Jamerson and Ginger for the short time we were there.

Then we stopped at the Penny Arcade... known as Musee Mecanique.

Obviously the games aren't a penny, but a quarter, but they had a huge selection of old school games. The engineering that went into these mechanical games is quite impressive. In a time when they didn't have joysticks and TV screens, they came up with fun and unique games.

This game was like a little shooting gallery, it shoot metal balls about the size of a pea and it had a mechanical score just above.

Check out this old school Rock 'em Sock 'em mechanical arcade. The controls were similar to gun handle that had two triggers, one for each arm.

After the arcades we went to Pier 39. We tried to stop by Eagle Cafe for some appetizer and drinks, but the bar was packed and we didn't want to wait. So we made our way through and stopped off at Mango's Taqueria and Cantina  we had one of ther Watermelon Jalapeno Margarita's. It wasn't great and actually tasted pretty water downed. I don't recommend stopping here for drinks. We downed that and headed off to the next bar.

At the end of Pier 39 there's Player's Sports Grill & Arcade.  They make some pretty good drinks here. Last time we were here Nicole got a Jager Bomb and they served it in a frosted pint glass. I like frosted mugs for some reason.

Finished our drinks here and we were getting hungry again. We headed back towards Eagle Cafe hopefully the bar would have seating available by now. On our way there we grabbed some mini donuts from Trish's Mini Donuts these are constantly being made constantly and you can watch them being made while your waiting in line. They are delicious, the one thing I regret is getting the large bag instead of the bucket of donuts.

We were able to sit down at Eagle Cafe  and had some calamari and lobster bisque with a few drinks too. It was a great evening appetizer. It was around 6 pm when we left S.F. We had other engagements to attend to that day so we had to leave early. If it wasn't for that I don't know where we would have ended up.

So what started off a food tour quickly turned into a drinking tour. Hopefully next time we're here we can try some of the great food that S.F has to offer.

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