Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July weekend in Tahoe. Day 1 & 2

Took a last minute trip to Tahoe for fourth of July weekend. Left around 2:30 pm on Thursday to beat traffic. I guess everyone was thinking the same thing also and everyone decided to get into an accident on this day also. It took us about 8 hours to get to Tahoe and there was about 7-8 accidents on our way there.

Chocolate coconut ice cream bar to start off the trip.

Our first stop to get gas.

Finally got through traffic and was about 40 mins away from the cabin and then someone decided to get into another accident and block two lanes. Google maps traffic changed our ETA to 120 minutes.

Finally made it to the cabin, but lost out on a lot of time.

I don't like beer, but by this time I didn't care.

This crazy beast of an animal is named Trouble.

Q'ed up some burgers and Brats for a quick late night dinner.

Didn't stay up late. Had a huge day ahead of us. Nicole had spoken to the bartenders at Chambers and they told her that there will be a huge line. So we got up early to get a jump on America's Birthday.

We were up and out the door by 9:30 am.

Had the cooler packed up with drinks and headed down to the lake.

So upon our arrival we found out that there was an alcohol ban on the beach from July 1-6. Bummer. That little hut was our only source for drinks and it only holds about 50 people.

at 9:30 am the beach was quite empty.
The choice theme song for this trip is America f*ck yeah!

Jimmy's uniform for America's birthday party.

So Chamber's bar decided to open at noon instead of their regular hours of 11 am. So we had some time to kill.

No alcohol on the beach? No problem we'll drink in the parking lot.

Pistol all the things!

Fortunately for us Nichole's family owns a cabin in Chamber's Landing and were members.

No line......."YET"

Some more parking lot pimpin.

Lots of people were trying to bring coolers down to the beach, but we were giving a heads up to everyone that alcohol was banned for a few days. Lots of people took the shuttle to the beach so they just started drinking in the parking lot. This group had tons of beer and offered some to us to help them get rid of it.

and this girl was already wasted..... it's barely 11 am.

Thanks to Ashley and Nicole for lining up.

If Ash and Nicole didn't line up we would have had to deal with this... and keep in mind that this is the line just to get on the deck. There's a separate line to get into the bar.

Chamber's signature drink is the Chambers punch. It's rum, rum, rum and 151 rum. Does not include festive straw. That was brought by Nicole.

Jason, Nicole and Peter.

Jimmy, Ashley, and Peter


All tables and chairs were removed from the deck and bar... All but one table in the corner. So claimed it for as long as possible.
Did I mention that they top it off with dark rum?

Eventually when the bar got packed they stopped the line.

Saw a guy make a hat out of a Coors Light carton.


Drink more!!!!!

People were getting impatient with waiting that they were climbing through the windows.

Every year Nicole spills a drink. That's why we got the towel.

Nicole... master of spilling drinks!

There aren't any restrooms or food on the deck. So if you're hungry or need to break the seal you have to go to shore. Our party size started to slowly dwindle down as people left to get food or go to the restroom. Eventually we finally gave up our table :(

Meanwhile back at shore Jimmy took a nap under Sean Henry.

The last pic of this day. I eventually got very tired and walked back to the cabin and slept for a few hours.

Woke up around 8 pm with a headache and we headed back to the beach to watch the fireworks. That ends Friday... still got 2 more days to go.

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