Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Last day in Tahoe.

Got up pretty early Sunday morning. There was probably a bunch of traffic heading home, so we decided to leave Tahoe late in the evening. Packed our things, tidied up the place and played some cornhole. It was uncomfortably hot outside.

Trouble playing with a bottle... well kind of playing...

Decided that we kill some time by taking trouble to the water.

Jimmy and I ended up back at Chambers. It was nice and business was very casual at Chamber. All of the tables, chairs, and umbrellas had all made their way back to the deck. We found a nice table in the shade. I started off with just a coke.

but it was such a nice atmosphere that I eventually got a Corona.

I guess this is how Chambers on a normal business day. Not like the chaos we saw the past couple of days.

It was too hot out for trouble and he refused to walk on the hot rocks/sand. So Jason had to carry him back to the cabin. Here he is sitting in front of his personal fan. Seriously this fan belongs to him.

We headed into town to grab a late lunch.

We tried to grab some lunch at Sunnyside, bu it was ridiculously busy.

We didn't want to wait 2 hours for a table so we left for Jake's on the lake.

Jake's on the lake

Jake's beer garden. It was more of a lawn where you can have drinks. You still had to get your drinks at the bar.

We started with a Warm Brie Wedge, Truffle fries with truffle aioli, and Panko Artichoke hearts.

The appetizers were amazing.

Warm Brie Wedge: Bacon marmalade & grilled baguette

Jimmy had the Udon noodle bowl:

Scampi Fettuccine Provencal.

Angus Beef Burger with mapble bacon and blue cheese crumble. The appetizers were so good that it got us really excited for our main course, but the main course was a let down, it wasn't as amazing as the appetizers were.

We finally made our way back to the house. Did some final clean up and loaded our things. Jimmy signed the guest book. It was filled with 14 years worth of memories. It was pretty neat to read through it. Jimmy put in the final log.

What did Jimmy write?

The whole gang leaving the cabin.

Jason and Nicole got married at Sunnyside Resort and since we didn't get to dine there, Nicole just had to stop by and get a Kimo's Hula Pie: Cookie crust bottom, macadamia nut ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream.... It was as amazing as it looks.

We ended up leaving Tahoe around 8 pm. It was a great trip. That ends this trip....but we still have Hawaii ahead of us. Can't wait and don't forget about the annual Halloween Haunt trip in SoCal. stay tuned.

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