Friday, July 11, 2014

4th of July weekend Day 3

Woke up the next morning to a nice breakfast.


The children that haunt your dreams... or Nicole's dreams.

Real men at work... Fixing the crooked table.

We headed back to Chambers for a rematch.

It was a lot milder than than yesterday. We arrived around 11 am and there was no line.

Nicole got a headband tan line.

Things started to get busy again at Chambers.

Being an officer must be hard work.... I'm sure.

We decided to switch it up from the Chambers punches to Vodka soda. The punches gave everyone a headache yesterday.

Just another gorgeous day in Tahoe.

Not sure why, but I got cut off at the bar. Peter got cut off at the bar also cause they thought he was me. LOL. Jason talked to the bartender and they looked at me and I was obviously not intoxicated and they didn't know why I was cut off. Jason assumed that maybe a regular was upset with me and told the bar to cut me off.

So here I am drinking a beer cause it was all that I could get me hands on.

Someone somehow found an umbrella on the beach.. or they stole it. Such a pretty fellow.

Jason riding Sean Henry

I don't know what pose Nicole is doing, but she looks like she has evil intentions.

Jimmy with all his loot he found for the day.

Not my greatest achievement in life....

Nicole's on timeout for breaking the chair.

Jimmy cooking up some Road Chicken.

We had an awesome corn hole competition going.

My favorite meal of the day. Tostino's Pizza!

We went back to the beach to see some people shoot some fireworks.

These guys and fireworks.

I lost my SD card during the night. Was lucky enough to go back and find it on the beach.

Ashley was killing it at beer pong.

It's freaking hot outside and they decided to start a fire...... This is what happens when you leave them unsupervised.

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