Friday, September 27, 2013

Oahu Day 6: Good bye Oahu

Woke up bright an early Sunday morning. It was our last day in Oahu. We had to check out at 10am so we cleaned up and a bit and went through closing procedures. Well look who it is? Steve was there to bid us farewell... I think she was there for the food though. I'm going to miss her.

Hai left in the early morning at 8am. Phil and Nam's flight was at 11am, but for the rest of us our flight was at 1pm. We had about 2 hours to kill before our flight. So we had this grand plan to pump gas, grab some Haupia (coconut cream/milk) pie from McDonalds, grab some ramen and stop off at Waiola Shave ice one more time. We were well on the road when we received a call from Nam. Apparently Phil and Nam ran into some TSA delays due to agriculture stuff and Phil suggested that we get to the airport 2.5 hours early. It didn't seem right to me. 2.5 hours is ridiculous for a domestic flight, but we heeded his advice and headed to the car rental to return the vehicle.

We got to the flight check in and there was no line in sight. I thought something was fishy. We proceeded with our baggage checks and agriculture check. Maybe there was a long line at security? Nope it literally took us like 10 minutes to have our bags checked and passed security. Oh my god... We were at the airport about 3 hours early. Damn it Phil!!!!

Since we didn't get to it. We stopped off at Dewar's Clubhouse for a bite and to watch the football game. Probably the worst airport food I have ever had. John and I took about one bite of our food and was like "I'm not eating this" In the picture below that coconut shrimp with pineapple salsa. The pineapple salsa was like a jar of store bought salsa with barely any pineapple in it. Do no ever, ever, ever, ever go to Dewar's Clubhouse at Honolulu Airport. You will regret it. I can't believe we missed out on ramen for this garbage. Oh and the club sandwich was like 15 bucks.

After our wait we finally got on our flight and headed home. The last sight of the island.

The trip was finally over. It was a great guys trip and we all wondered why we don't do it more often. We all talked about doing a guys trip annually. Hopefully everyone sticks to it. We'll find out next year.

What's in stored next? Going to Southern California to visit the theme parks during the Halloween holiday. I freaking love Halloween.


  1. Hi Dukie!
    Thank you for sharing your Gentleman's Vacation! My family and I will be staying at this same house in a couple of weeks. Looks like you guys were pretty happy with the house and it's location. Do you have any recommendations and/or suggestions? We have two girls (ages 9 & 10) who are looking forward to getting in the water but I wanted to know if I should buy them water shoes. Is the bottom soft or rocky? Is the beach far/easy to get to? Hope you don't mind all the questions....just really excited and I want to be well prepared :)
    Best wishes to your friend and his bride!

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Water shoes are not 100% necessary, but I would recommend it just to be safe. There are a few rocks when you enter the water from the backyard, but after you pass that it's sandy for the rest of the way.

      There's a beach a few houses down. I think like 4 houses or so. I don't know how to access it from the street, we just accessed the beach from the backyard. You just get in the water and walk to the beach. It's easy.


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