Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oahu day 5: Leonard's Malasada, W&M Burgers, Addiction NightClub, Waiola Shaved Ice, and Roy's

Since I slept early the night before I was up by 7am. So was Jerry and John. We decided that we would take the mopeds out to grab some breakfast for everyone. We went to Leonard's to get Malasadas and W&M BBQ Burgers.

Malasadas from Leonards

Well guess who it is? Showed up right on time for breakfast.

Hai caught a Gecko.

After breakfast we headed back to Waikiki to return the mopeds. After that we headed to Waikiki beach.

One of the benefits of having a waterproof camera.

We ended up buying some floaties from the ABC store. Did you know they will pump up your floaties for just a buck? That's new news to me and will save your breath. The floaties were three bucks each plus the dollar pump. We pretty much floated around on the water for a bit.

After a few hours at the beach we thought it would be a good idea to head home to get some rest before we head out for out last night in Oahu.

but first some Rainbow Drive-in please. Spam, eggs, rice and some mas salad. It never gets old.

Right after we headed to Waiola Shaved Ice the whole trip we stopped here probably about 3-4 times.

When we got back to the house, we lounged around in the back yard for a bit. Phillip's friend Chris came by with some snorkel gear and we ventured out.

As far as we were, we still had not reach the wave break.

Phillip was fishing right off our rock wall, and caught a crab, and an eel.

Chris Q'ed up some Spicy pork belly he marinated himself. It was delicious.

Steve's back for dinner.

The only fish Steve likes is gold fishes.. The Pepperidge Farm breed

So apparently Uncle Jeff went out with the guys the night before and got wasted. Brandon ended up with his Porsche for the day.

Since it was our last night I thought it would be a good idea to have a nice dinner. So we went to Roy's Restaurant. There are two locations. One in Waikiki and one near Hanauma Bay.

Roy's Island Mai Tai

I had The Original Hawaiian Martini: Maui Pineapples are drenched in Skyy Vodka, Stoli Vanil Vodka, Malibu Coconut Rum.

I believe this is Ahi Tuna, Salmon, and Butter Fish

A whole fried fish with teeth.

This is the Surf and Turf. Duck and Shrimp

Miso Butterfish. A very rich dish.

Macadamia Encrusted Mahi Mahi


Phil tried to be sneaky and pay the bill, but I caught him trying to slip our waiter his credit card. Like were going to let the groom get away with paying for himself on his bachelor party.

Chocolate Souffle. It was good, but was disappointed that it wasn't the souffle I was really looking for. I think that they should call these molten chocolate cake.

This is what I was expecting. :(
After dinner it was time for our last adventure. We decided to start early. We wanted to bar hop around Waikiki and end our night at Addiction NightClub was told by the locals that Addiction is the place to be. Our first stop was suppose to be Senor Frogs, but it's no longer there. I know the place wasn't that great, but it was kind of one of those places that we would just drop by every time we visited. I was slightly bummed that it was gone.

So instead we stopped off at Jimmy Buffets at the Beachcomber. Our first round of drinks.

The plan was to have a drink and move on to the next spot. So Jerry came up with the idea of taking a picture with the menu at each stop. Here's stop #1.

By the time we finished our drinks, happy hour just went into effect so we had a second round. The bar was pretty dead and not really the crowd we were looking for. Our next stop was the bar at the Moana Surfrider. Phil and some of the guys were there earlier in the day and said it was busy, but by the time we got there it was pretty dead. We decided to give up the chase and just head straight to Addiction. I hope it's as popular as the locals have mentioned.

Sure enough when we arrived there was a line outside. Dress code enforced to be aware, sandals, shorts, and tanks don't pass. We saw them turn down a few people while we were in line. We tried to get bottle service but they were already sold out.

Upon walking inside the music that was playing was awesome. The first thing you'll realize is that the place is tiny, really really tiny.

The place packed out quick, but for it's size, it better pack out every night. Besides the size of the place Addiction was great. The music was awesome. The DJ played a great mix of House, top 40's, Hip Hop...Literally all of the music that we liked and the crowd was a great mix of people.

Nam didn't drink much most of the trip, until the last night. He wasn't turning any drinks down.

The bartenders pour some heavy shots. Drinks were around 10-12 bucks for premium.

All those drinks finally hit Nam. Some of the guys ended up leaving around 12ish, but the rest of us partied till the club closed.

On our way back we dropped off at Jack in the Box.

Came home to a bunch of sleeping people.

Minus Phil he was packing his stuff cause he had a pretty early flight home.

Our last night hanging out in the backyard.

jalapeno poppers!

That's it for our last night. Had a blast. I would definitely go to addiction again, but maybe plan ahead to get bottle service cause the place was tiny and I would prefer to have a place to sit. Can't believe it was out last night. Check out is at 10am. Good think our bags were packed already and all we had to do was clean up a bit. Day 5 comes to an end.

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