Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I got asked to be one of the best men at my friend's wedding. How can I refuse? Headed off to SoCal on a Thursday night. Wedding rehearsal was on Friday.

Every airport should have this.

What's on the cover of SkyMall this month?

and the drink special for this month is....
Thanks Southwest for the free drink coupons.

Had the last flight to Orange County. Airport was pretty dead.

My friend was nice enough to let me crash at his place while I was there for the wedding.

Got picked up from the airport and dropped off my bags. Then we were out for some drinks.

Had lots and lots of great food. Some type of shellfish



After the food we headed out to another bar for some drinks.

Quite a mellow Thursday night. The next morning we attempted to grab some ramen from Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle

But by the time we were exiting it was 2:08pm and they only open for lunch from 11am-2pm. We were so set on ramen that we yelped the next closest ramen joint we could find. We ended up at Santouka which has a lot of good reviews, but it's nothing compared to Tsujita.

By the time we got back to OC it was time for rehearsal.

Every year my friends and I head to OC and visit Knott's Scary Farm, but this year we decided to check out Queen Mary's Dark Harbor since I couldn't visit Knott's this year and I just happened to drive by it on the way to rehearsal I thought I would snap a few pics.

After rehearsal it was dinner time. We ended up at Wako Honey Pig

Just look at the meat!!! It was delicious and there was so much food!

It was the last night that Phil was going to be a free man. Brandon was able to coax Phil into one drink for the night. We initially headed to Steelhead Brewing Co., but come to find out when we got there that they were closing down on Sunday and have sold out of most of their liquor. We were walking back to the car to look for a new spot when we walked by Chakra Cuisine. It was pretty dead, but they had a bar. As we walked in I saw a fire pit outside. So we just hung out there and had a drink.

We just hung out by the fire pit and just chatted it up for a bit. It was a really nice way to end the night.

The next day was wedding day and I didn't even bother bringing my camera. I knew I wouldn't have time to snap pictures, but my friends did.

Awesome video of the whole wedding event on this link.

Amazing wedding, with amazing food. It was great. While we were already in OC my friends and I decided to extend our stay until Tuesday, so that we could continue our traditional SoCal Halloween theme park trip.

The rest of our group arrives tomorrow and the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor is our first stop.

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