Monday, September 23, 2013

Oahu Day 3. Mopeds & Rainbow Drive in

Woke up Thursday morning and guess who was there to greet us? Steve the duck. Apparently she was there earlier and brought about 5 of her friends along, but I was still asleep. Why didn't anyone wake me up?!

Some of the bait fish we netted for Steve, but she didn't like em.

Chef Jerry prepared us a wonderful breakfast. Spam, eggs, and hash browns.

A lizard we found running around the yard.

It was nearly time to pick up Alvin from the airport. So while on the way there Some of us decided to rent mopeds.
What sold us on the mopeds was their promo video.

Hawaiian Style Rental & Sales
The rates were really reasonable. We rented them for 24hrs and it came out to about $65 including full coverage insurance.

One of the best ideas we ever had. I don't know why we had never rented mopeds before, but it was so much fun. We pretty much rode around all day. Hence the lack of pictures on this day. We all rode back to the house, which was a gorgeous ride along Diamond Head. Mopeds are not allowed anywhere that has a posted speed limit over 45mph. The mopeds go about 40mph. So pretty much we were not allowed on the freeways, but highways were ok.

Phil and some of the others guys had headed off to Sandy Beach. So we rode there to look for them.

By the time we were done with that it was time to pick up the last and final member of the trip. Hai.

After picking him up from the airport I met up with the other guys at Rainbow Drive-in

Alvin with his combination plate.

I had a BBQ burger and Devil egg sandwich

After an early dinner we headed back to hang out at the house. Steve is slowly getting more comfortable with us. She even ventures into the house.

Another night of drinking and next thing you know it, it's night time and were back home.

So much drinking back to back nights. That's it for day 3. Had a blast with the mopeds, but looks like we have to return them tomorrow.

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