Monday, August 5, 2013

2013 CrossFit Games Day 1

It's time for the 2013 CrossFit Games. Headed down to Carson, CA to watch the games. We left late Thursday night.

We had some time to kill before our flight departed so we stopped off for some drinks. Would you like to make it a double for just $5 dollars more? Why yes I would.

So what's on the cover the SkyMall for July? Golf Clubs!

Might as well have a Jack and Coke while I'm at it. I'm bummed that they don't serve you a can of coke and a small bottle of Jack. It's served to you already mixed.

A very quick flight and we were descending into SoCal.

Will, Jose, and Ashley are ready for the games.

They were so excited a minute ago.

We stayed a nearby hotel. So we waited for the complimentary shuttle.

It was around 12am when we finally arrived at our hotel.

They had already booked out all of the double queen rooms, so we were stuck with a king bed for a night, but they comped us the parking fees for the car. They said they'll switch rooms for us tomorrow.

The next morning at the CrossFit Games. They're finally using the Soccer Stadium.

The first even of the day was a Team event.
Teams of 6 had to perform the following as a group.

Run 2.1 miles
Flip The Pig 100 yards (The pig is this giant metal thingy that mimics Tractor Tire flipping, but the contraption has racks for you to add on weights)
Carry The Worm 600 yards to the Soccer Stadium (The worm is 6 wood logs all connected by rope)

That's the worm. I'm not sure how much each log weighs.

After event #1 The teams would split into 3 teams of 2 and they would have to do a two person sled pull, but each sled would progressively get heavier and heavier.

After the Teams event they had to set up for the individuals event. So we grabbed some snacks.

The individuals was a lot harder.

2.1 mile run
Pig flip 100 yards
600 yard log carry
sled pull (unlike the teams event the sled pull was not a separate event. It was all combined as one big event so there was no rest time for the individuals)

Jason Khalipa was the first Men's individual to arrive in the stadium.

After the first Workout of the Day we headed to the food trucks and vendors.

Crossfit has come a long way in the last 3 years. The last time I attended the event was in 2010 and man has it changed. A lot more vendors and a lot more organized.

A lot of booths were holding spectator contests. You can win money or equipment. This event was row as many meters as possible in 1 minute. I think the highest I heard for the day was 407 meters. Anthony gave it a go and got 364 meters and Anthony is really good at rowing too.

Rogue Fitness tent.

The event even had an air conditioned alcohol tent. Filled with Sofas, benches, TVs and tables. It was awesome.

The next event was sprints. It wasn't too interesting so we decided to watch it in the alcohol tent.

Really empty on a Friday, but it'll be filled up tomorrow with all the Silver Tickets holders show up.

Cocktails anyone?

After the Vendors we headed out to the parking lot to rehydrate...  :D

We headed back in for the Final event of the day. Which is held at the Tennis court.

The workout was
27 Thrusters
4 rope climbs (can't use your legs)
21 Thrusters
3 rope climbs
15 Thrusters
2 rope climbs
9 Thrusters
1 rop climb.
10 minute time cap.
Only two women from the female individuals finished it.

The first day of the event didn't end until around 9ish. We headed back to the hotel got ready and headed out to Manhattan Beach. We didn't really have time to eat since the event ended late.

Luckily there's a pizza joint

Pretty much a night of drunk shenanigans and headed back home. Didn't get to bed until 4am. Had to get up in 3 hours for day 2 of the games. FML.

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