Thursday, August 8, 2013

2013 CrossFit Games Day 3

Woke up with only 3 hours of sleep. Dropped off some of the guys at the game and a few of use headed to Porto's to pick up some cheese rolls.

Cheese rolls are amazing!

By the time we got back, the teams event was already underway.

The workout was in groups of 2. Each team had 6 members.

Run around the Stadium
25 GHD sit up with weighted ball
25 Synchronized over head squats
25 wall burpees

I watched a bit, but was so tired that I went to the car and napped for 3 hours and came back for the main event.

The finals workout was two workouts back to back.

The Cinco 1
3 rounds of
5 deadlifts @ mens 405/265 womens
5 weights one legged squats 53/35
80' handstand walk

1 minutes after The Cinco 1 ends.

The Cinco 2 starts
3 rounds of
5 Muscle ups
5 deficit handstand push ups
90' overhead walking lunge with axle bar 160/100

Rich Froning won it again for a 3rd year straight. Jason Khalipa took second. I was really rooting for him to dethrone the king. I wanted the title to come back to California. Oh well maybe next year.

After we headed off for Ramen

We have had only about 3 hours of sleep each night and the rest of the day was spent at the games. You can tell by Parker's eyes how tired he is.

After we returned the rental car and headed to the airport. I was glad to head home. I was just beat. The 2013 games were a lot better than when I last went, but still I'm quite disappointed with how things are handled ticket wise and other operations. On the last day they ran out of Gold ticket wrist band. So people were told to use their ticket stub, well the down side to that was people were just passing those off to silver ticket holders and getting them access to the main event stage. It pisses me off that I paid for a premium gold ticket and yet it was difficult to find a seat. The CrossFit games really know how to rob you of your money. They originally released gold and silver tickets. Gold sold out quick so people had to resort to silver. A few weeks later they released some more gold tickets. That is just poor business.


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