Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 CrossFit Games Day 2

Didn't get to bed until 4am the previous night and was up at 7am to head to day 2 of the CrossFit games. I was dead tired. By the time we got there the event had already started. It was the women's individual.

The workout consisted of a run (i think it was 600 meters uphill uphill and downhill) and then 25 overhead squats. 4 rounds and a sprint to the finish line.

The athletes had to run around the stadium, up the bleachers and around the hill side.

As the men's individual was coming back from their run you can see the teams warming up for the next event.

The next event was a clean and jerk ladder. The athlete had 90 seconds to complete one rep. If successful they would advance to the next weight. There were 4 different weight ladders to choose from. The athlete could start at any weight of their choice.

Women's weight increased by 5 lbs and the men's increased by 10 lbs.

After the event we headed back to the vendors.

To our surprise there was entertainment before the last event of the day. Tyga was performing.

Not what I was expecting for a CrossFit event. Up judging from the crowd they didn't seem too excited either. Except for this guy in the video. Which is actually Will. I think it would have been better for the CrossFit games to let the spectators volunteer to have an attempt at one of the workouts during intermission. People can represent their gyms and get a little taste of the what the Pros go through. I think that would be a lot more entertaining, but that's just my 2 cents.

I was really burnt out and it was hot outside so Jimmy and I headed to the beer tent. This time there was a line just to get in. It was packed.

After a quick nap in the tent we headed back to the main stage for the men's heat.

The workout was
1000 meter row
then 5 rounds of
25 pulls up
7 push jerks

I ended up leaving the event early and met up with some friends for dinner.

We ended up at Tsujita LA. There are two locations that are literally across the street from each other (Tsujita LA & Tsujita LA Annex) but they serve two slightly different types of Ramen. I prefer Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle over the Annex location. Unfortunately the regular location doesn't serve ramen after 3pm. So we had to opt for the Annex location.

It was very good, just not as good as the other location.

Headed back to the room after and went out for another night of drinking. This time we ended up at Hermosa beach. Same thing as the previous night. We didn't get to bed until 4am. One day left for the CrossFit games.

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