Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 2012. Vegas trip day 3

Woke up around 11am Monday morning. Our friend Thi arrived. She flew in for one day for Phat's birthday. After she settled in for a bit. A few of our friends were leaving today so we grabbed lunch with them before they headed home.

We went to china town. A bowl of Pho always hits the spot after a long night. When we got to the restaurant I realized I dropped my wallet in the taxi cab. It was a huge bummer. I didn't have that much cash in there but it was so inconvenient. Had to close all my cards and I lost my id with it. I highly recommend that you always look at your taxi number. It was unfortunate that nobody payed attention to the taxi number. Lesson learned. Every taxi ride after this event, we memorized their number. LOL.

If you ever loose your id and have to fly home. It's not that big of a deal. You just have to arrive at the airport 2-2.5hrs early. They put you through some extra security screening. TSA will call a phone number and they will ask you some personal questions. Address, work, parents name etc..

After lunch we headed back to the hotel and gambled a bit.

Phat and Thi.

Time flew by and next thing we know it. It was time for dinner. We were all waiting on Linh because she was washing her jacket. Why you ask? Cause she threw up on it the night before.

Thankfully we were waiting for Linh cause Phat ended up playing the slot machine Sweets & Treats and lucked out and won $1017.28 on a .80 cent spin.

Phat's a winner with a black eye that Linh gave him the night before. Drunk shenanigans.

We had dinner at our usual spot Ichiza.

Mapo Tofu- Tofu with rich chili sauce and minced meat.

I think this is fried tofu in ponzu sauce.

Monkfish liver. They say this is the foie gras of the sea. I think it's gross and nothing like Foie Gras.

Beef Tataki

Potato Croquette

Grilled peppers

Shrimp and Tuna mayo salad.

Medium fatty Tuna belly.

two different grilled fish. I believe on was Mackerel and the other Miso Cod.

chicken skewers

Jalapeno fried rice.

Yaki Onigir- burnt rice

Spider roll- Fried softshell crab.


I think these were gizzards.

and for dessert honey toast.

After dinner we headed back to Cosmo.

We went to check out Pierce's room. He was comped the Wraparound Terrace One Bedroom Suite with fountain view and what a view he had.

Video walk through of the room and the view.

The view from the Terrace was amazing.

You can watch the Bellagio water show from the terrace. Too bad you can't hear the music with the water show.

We hung out in the suite for a while then headed down for a night of gambling. Everyone was partied out and I didn't have an id. All I could do was play slots all night.

The Godzilla slots likes to steal everyone's money.

Monopoly Slot bonus round.

Alice also took my money. They really know how to build these machines to draw you in.

Pierce hitting a small progressive on the Sex in the City slot machine. These machines area so tricky. Even after hitting the progressive on the wheel you have to choose the right one to get the award.

It was around 3 in the morning by the time we were hungry again. We ate at the 24hr restaurant at Aria.

I love country fried steak and eggs. You can never go wrong with this.... until I cam to this place. It was horrible. The steak was chewy, the hashbrowns seemed a bit stale. The only thing good was the biscuit and eggs. I was really disappointed.

Thi had the steak and eggs. She said it was ok. Anh had the burger. I forgot what she thought about it.

Looks soo good, but it's so deceiving.

The carrot cake was good though.

After our super early morning breakfast. I was tired and ready for bed, but Phat and I had been eyeing the Aladdin & the Magic Quest slot machine. People have been playing all night  and there were only two machines. So we hadn't had a chance to sit down. On our way out it was empty. I wanted to put 20 bucks down just to see if I can get the bonus round. Best 20 bucks I spent. I ended up running out of memory on my camera before the bonus round ended.

That's it for Monday. Pretty mellow and restful day. Tomorrow we head home.

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