Friday, December 21, 2012

December 2012 Vegas trip. Day 2

Woke up Sunday morning around 11 am. Luckily no hangover, we were thirsty as hell though. Phat got desperate in the middle of the night and drank sink water.

Checked out of the Aria and headed to the Cosmopolitan. Phat was able to score comp rooms for the rest of our trip.

This was my first time staying at the Cosmo. It was a really nice and spacious room. The terrace is pretty awesome to have.

Only issue I have is this big O window that looks right into the bathroom. Talk about awkward. At least there's a curtain.

A video tour of the room.

After settling in for a bit. We headed down to sports book to place some bets. We didn't win.

Called some of the other guys and they were already up and about. So the plan was to eat at the Seafood Buffet at Rio. I have heard good things about it.

While waiting for the rest of the guys to show up. We pulled some slots to pass the time.

Some bonus round footage. Don't let this machine fool you. There's a lot of action going on but hardly pays out. It's so fun though.

I liked how the Rio made it look like there was a little town inside the casino.

Unfortunately for us the week that we were in Vegas, the seafood buffet was under construction. So we opted for the second buffet at the Rio. I think it was called World's Buffet.

I initially started gathering breakfast stuff, then I saw all kinds of other fried stuff and then at that point I lost track and couldn't make up my mind. So here is my first dish. Hashbrowns, breakfast sausage, Fettuccine alfredo, chicken parmesan, popcorn shrimp, criss cut fries, and hush puppies.

oh and wonton soup.

The buffet was okay. None of the food was sitting to well with anyone. The best thing though was the raspberry ice tea. We had like 5 cups of that stuff.

mini carrot cake, bread pudding, and tres leches cake.

mini pecan pie.

mini pumpkin pie.

After the buffet we sat down to watch a bit of football.

After the game we headed back to our hotel to rest up. Some of our other friends were flying in today.

I had to head back to Aria because I had left some of my stuff in the room and the lost and found had them for me. On my way back to the room at the Cosmo they had these refurbished cigarette machines. They had been changed into Art-a-mat. For $5 bucks you can purchase is small piece of art done by some independent artist. It was pretty cool. You get a piece of art the size of a cigarette box. you can see in the top right corner a sample of one.

I got back to the room and I passed out. We had another fun filled night ahead of us. Pierce and Linh arrived later in the day. Phat went down to gamble with them while I napped. When I woke up I was fully charged for another night of shenanigans. At what point does a nap not become a nap anymore? I had a 4 hour nap :)

Night shots from our balcony.

panoramic view

Got up got ready and headed out.

We stopped by Earl of Sandwich again to grab a lite bite to eat to hold us over for the long night ahead of us. You don't want to eat too much because it might come back to haunt you later, but a half sandwich will usually do the trick. My and my brother split a Cannonballs. Pretty much a meatball sub. It was amazing! If you're looking for an awesome late night grub. You have to check out Earl of Sandwich at Planet Hollywood. I think they are open 24hrs.

Went up to our friends room and they had a cake waiting for Phat.

Pierce, Phat, and Linh. This was Linh's first time partying with us in Vegas. I hope she's ready.

Phat was hurting on Saturday from Friday night, but he had enough time to recoup on Sunday and was ready for the night.

Tonight's agenda was bottle service at XS Nightclub. This is around 11pm. Once again I can't tell you how surprisingly slow it was. Usually there are quite a bit of people outside the club at this time and a small line. XS is our usual spot for Sundays, but the front of the place was pretty empty. I thought the economy was getting better?

I dressed a bit fancier tonight so that I could fit in. I look nothing like my brother.

We were waiting for the rest of our group to arrive.

While waiting. Pierce becomes a coat rack.

Inside the club nothing much going on.

A few empty tables. I'm pretty sure they'll fill up later.

The start of my night. Hello and good night at the same time.

Linh, Jeannie and Anh. The dynamic trio that helped bring some balance to our dude to dude ratio. Thanks ladies.

Anh and Parker.

Pierce is skeptical about this picture.

Jensen, Jeannie and Mario.

Someone brought Jack along to the party. Welcomed yet not welcomed.

If you're doing it right. Eventually your vision is like the pic below.

Me, Anh and some creepy dude in the back.

Phat and Gabe.

Jensen on the far left. Was hating life last night. Glad he recovered for round 2.

Gabe, Jensen, Anh, Phat, Mario and Parker

Jeannie was able to score us quite a great deal for bottle service. We got Goose and Jameson. They comped us Stoli and Moet. Score!

I used to drink Jack, but not anymore. I like to stick to my Vodka...Vodka is not brown.

Our servers for the night.

YAY! Champagne! and not quite sure what is in my other hand. I'm hoping Vodka and Redbull.

Jeannie and Pierce.

PKO makes his appearance.

Awww. Look at these two. Linh I know you're going to want to steal these pictures of you guys.

Funny story about this picture. Phat ended up waking up the next morning with a black eye and didn't know how he got it. He couldn't recall hitting anything or getting hit. LOL, but he does remember Linh squeezing his face. He had a small bruise on his cheek before the trip. I guess Linh squeezed his face so hard that it cause the swelling to spread under his eye. Hence the black eye. He couldn't remember if this happened, but this picture proves just that.

I have no idea who that girl is.

Or this one either.

I think Parker just took a swig from the Stoli bottle.

Anh having a successful bathroom break.

Jeannie's friends. I forgot their names.

Our runner. Don't forget to tip your runners. They work hard. Oh and on a side note if you're ever at the club with bottle service and there is a long bathroom line. Just talk to your runner and he can usually get you to the front of the line.

So eventually Phat and Pierce were done for the night. So while pierce helped walk out Phat I helped walk out Linh. As were walking out there are some empty cups on the side. Linh starts grabbing the cups and I'm like don't drink that! It was the opposite. She was filling them up.... with her vomit. Two cups worth actually and as I was standing there security is looking at me. I can like totally read his mind and I'm like don't we're leaving. LOL.

This is Linh. Our Vegas newbie in training.

After I walked Linh out I headed back in. It's too early to leave.

Jeannie looks tired.

Time to head back to our rooms.

We were the last 4 survivors. Not sure where everyone else went.

Taxi cab ride.

We dropped off Jeannie at MGM Signature. I walked her to the elevator and Anh and Parker headed back to PH. I like to walk when I'm drunk. So here I am walking back to the Cosmo.

MGM Signature to the MGM.

Inside the MGM I wanted McDonalds. So I stopped by the food court to grab a Big Mac.

Walking through Crystals at the City Center. Only people around are security. It's around 4:30am.

On my way to Cosmo I ran into a casualty of Las Vegas. She must have had a great night.

That was the last picture of the night. I sat out on the terrace and at my Big Mac. It was a great night!

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