Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 2012 Vegas trip. Day 1

Took a last minute trip to Vegas for Phat's birthday. A few friends were going, but everyone was scattered at different hotels.

We headed out on a Saturday. Not sure what to expect in Vegas on a weekend. Since I'm usually there on the weekday and the Pacquiao fight was the same weekend.

Phat had been partying since Wednesday for his birthday weekend. He was hurting from Friday night. He needed to get some food in his stomach.

Airport food always seems to disappoint except for fast food.

I was going to snap a picture of Skymall to see what was featured on the cover, but it looks like they had the same Skymall from October. So instead you get a picture of the drink menu. Even the drink menu was not updated for December.

I don't usually drink on my flights, but since my friends were having drinks. Why not.

A very familiar sight at the Vegas airport baggage claim.

Anh looks ready, but not Phat.

So our first night we stayed Aria.

The view from our room.

I really like the decor at Aria and they also have a remote that controls everything.

By the time we settled into our room it was around 7:30 pm. We wanted to pull a few slots before we hit the club tonight, but we were short on time. So we decided to get dressed for the night and headed out to Planet Hollywood where the rest of the group was staying.

It was freezing in Vegas!

It's really sad to see this mall so empty.

Pulled a few slots at PH before heading up to our friends room. The Super Team slot machine sucked me in.

Here's a video of Phat hitting the bonus round on Super Team. As you play you unlock accessories for your Hero and you can customize them as you go.

My hero is the green and blue guy.

After slots we headed to our friends room for some pre-party drinks.

We had bottle service at Marquee.

We had a table outside. Luckily the tables are each equipped with a heater.

The drinks start flowing and the fun begins.

I decided to go casual on Saturday. I didn't fit in.

We arrived at the club around 11ish. I was really surprised to see that the club was dead for a Saturday. I always thought the weekends were really busy no matter what.

Anh and I decided to go exploring. So we went and checked out all the rooms at Marquee.

Some of Anh's friend just happened to be in Vegas also. So they came by to hang out.

Parker and our server. I forgot her name. She was super nice though.

Mario and Anh friend. Forgot her name too.

Phat and Anh's other friend. I think her name was Katherine.

The birthday boy parting it up.

Throughout the night the club starting to fill up, but it never got too crazy.

Jeanie showed up with her family later on in the night. They were at the Pacquiao fight.

It was getting really cold and windy so we asked if we could switch tables. They put us across the way at the cabana's which helped a little. Jeanie and her family ended up getting another bottle.

I totally forgot this happened and so did Phat, but pictures don't lie.

Anh and I went dancing. When we came back to the table everyone was gone. They had migrated to the boombox room. So we met them there.

It was a bit of a blur, but we drank some more and this is the last picture I have for the night. It was a fun night.

Everyone ended up leaving one by one. At one point we were outside the club eating pizza, then we ended up at PH at Earl of Sandwich. Not bad for a first night. Did a bit of time traveling all over the place.

Tomorrow we head to XS nightclub.

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