Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Watsonville Strawberry Festival and Capitola

After going to a chili cook off a few months ago. I thought we should go to more festivals. It just seem like a lot of fun for a Sunday. So we decided to check out the Watsonville Strawberry Festival. We left around 10:30 in the morning. Going over the mountain it looked very cold and gloomy. 

We arrived around 11ish.

And the first thing we looked for was the alcohol booth. Which we found very easily.

It was not busy at the festival when we arrived. It was pretty early. One major downside to the festival is the alcohol cannot leave it's designated area. So we couldn't explore the festival with out beers. That was a real downer.

We then proceeded to look for some food.

Look at all that BBQ chicken.

Peter bought the Catfish and fries. We didn't have any high hopes for it, but it was really good. I forgot to snap a picture of it and by the time I remembered it was gone.

The BBQ chicken was also very good.

There were quite a few different dish that were offered at the festival.

Some carnival rides.

Philly Cheese Steak.

After our regular food we got some dessert. There were only about 9 both that were offering strawberry related stuff. Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Funnel Cake, Strawberry Parfait, Strawberry Nachos, Strawberry Ice Cream, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, and I forget the rest. I got the parfait. It was okay. I was really hoping that there would be pieces of cake in it or something. It was just strawberries, custard, and whip. The food at the festival was reasonably priced though.

We also got the Oreo Funnel Cake

and the Strawberry Funnel cake, with a chocolate covered bacon. That was really good.

I waited in line forever trying to get the skewers of chocolate strawberries. I got the white chocolate with sprinkles, and the milk chocolate with almonds. It was really good, but not worth the long wait.

After about 3 hours we were done with the festival. There wasn't much to do and we didn't like staying in the designated drinking area. So we decided to head to Capitola.

Of course we had to stop off at Zelda's. We sat on the patio. They had a musician playing cover songs. He was really good too. We had a few cocktails and at Zelda's for 2 dollars more you can make it a double. We got the doubles.

Zelda's food is very mediocre. It's the atmosphere that you're paying for. I would the only dish that is good there is the calamari. Besides that everything else is expensive and not so great. The nachos sucked.

After hanging at Zelda's for a bit we wanted a change of scene so we headed to Margaritaville.

That is when the shots came out. Yes these are singles or so the bartender says.

We hung out on the patio for a bit. Got some small bites.

Eventually we headed back to Zelda's and sat at the bar.

We eventually called it quits around 8:30pm.

We walked around for a bit and by this time the liquor was really hitting Jason.

and there's Jason.

Needless to say Jason had a great time. We're training him for his wedding. I think he's ready.

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