Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dirty Thirty Birthday day 4

Woke up Tuesday morning and my friend Son and I headed out for some coffee and food. Nothing like a nice bowl of egg noodle won ton soup. 
After lunch we headed back to Son's home and just relaxed. We were about to head out for an early dinner before my flight home when I received a text from Southwest informing me that my flight was cancelled. So I called them and the next flight was already sold out. The ended up putting me on the last flight home at 9pm. So we postponed the dinner for another 2 hrs.

We ended up heading to Maki Zushi in Tustin. Which is one of the best sushi places I have ever been to.

It's not the fancy that are covered in mayo that I'm impressed about, but it's the quality of the fish and shellfish. Also the Sushi chef would tell us if we should dip it in soy sauce or not.

Red Snapper Sashimi.

Tuna and Salmon Belly. The Salmon was so buttery.

I think this was yellow tail toro.

One of those big fancy rolls.

The sushi was so good that we had to have some alcohol with it. Kirin and sake.

Bluefin Toro

I forget what fish this was.

Scallops. Served with some sea salt and lemon. No dipping needed.

This was a different type of Mackerel than what's usually served. It was good and didn't have the usual fishy taste associated to Mackerel.

A lot of the fish and shellfish are at market price and the chef will let you know where they got the fish in for the day. They gave me a free desert for my birthday and some of the sushi was comped by the chef also.

That's it. The birthday is over and I can't wait for my next trip. Next is Knott's Scary Farm. Check back then for some pics from our traditional Halloween trip to SoCal in October. You can also subscribe! Have a question? Just leave a comment and I'll reply.

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