Wednesday, August 22, 2012

San Diego Dirty Thirty Birthday Day 1

We go to Vegas quite a bit and for my 30th birthday I decided that I would change the scene and check out San Diego.

Breakfast. A delicious Chorizo Burrito.

Some fantastic reading material. I don't know how many times I have looked in this catalog, but it always seems to entertain me.

After a quick flight we arrive in San Diego.

Once we arrived. I called up my friend Brandon who lives in San Diego. He picked us up and we headed to our hotel.

We checked into the Hard Rock Hotel, but our rooms were not ready at the moment.

So we ventured out to explore the Gaslamp Quarter. Plus we were hungry and were waiting for my friend Son to drive from Irvine.

Parker and I started our trip off with bottomless Mimosas.

French Toast

Parker had the Gyro

The restaurants version of Eggs Benedict.

Yup that's a dog in a car. The owner had a remote control driving the car around.

After brunch we had some time to kill until our rooms were ready, so Brandon took us to the mall.

I haven't seen a Sam Goody in years. I believe all of the Sam Goodys in NorCal have closed down.

The outdoor mall was nice, but it was just too hot. So we decided to head back to the hotel to hang out by the pool bar and wait for our rooms.

Fortunately for us as we were walking into the hotel they called me and informed us that the room was ready. Well one of the rooms was.

So we just hung out in the room until the other room finished.

After that we all headed to the bar. Things slowly started to get out of control. Luckily for me my friends spared me as it was not quite my birthday yet and I was mainly wanted to be alive for tonight's big event at Fluxx.

The swimming pool seemed pretty busy, well more of a wading pool I guess.

While we were waiting at the bar waiting to order drinks. This girl stands next to Brian and tells him if you buy me a drink I'll make sure you guys get your order taken. Brian tells her the bar is not even busy. I don't know where this girl was from but she was not even good looking. We just laughed at her.

After the guys took several shots. We headed back to our room. Brandon had made dinner reservations for us. So it was time for us to get freshened up.

At this point I would say Brian, Parker and Phat were pretty buzzed.

Yeah... I confirmed that Brian is drunk.

Brandon was nice enough to pick us up some advil and bottles of water. We had some more drinks at the bar while we waited for him to arrive.

We had dinner at Bencotto in Little Italy. One of our other friend Jeannie moved to San Diego and she was nice enough to meet up with us for dinner.

Prosciutto. So thinly sliced. It just melts.

They also gave us some of these puff pastries that went with the prosciutto.

I have no idea what this is.

I think this was some type of calamari type soup. I remember it being very good.

Even before our main entree came out Brian was starting to crash. So we sent him back to the hotel early and told him that we would bring his food back. I think he went HAM to early.

Squid Ink Gnocchi with lobster sauce. Everyone liked my dish, but I think the black Gnocchi was really throwing me off. I didn't like it as much.

Peter had the lasagna.

Beef Stroganoff.


I think this is the mushroom ravioli with white truffle cream cheese sauce.

This is the regular Gnocchi with meat sauce. This was really good. Loved it.

Yeah!!! Birthday desert for me.

Dinner is over. It's time to head back. Jeannie had work at night so she couldn't join us. She did invite us to the club that she works at, but we already had plans at Fluxx for the night.

The sun is setting and the freaks come out at night.

Meanwhile back at our hotel. We took a 2 hour power nap to energize for the night.

We headed out around 10pm. Fluxx is located about 3 blocks from the Hard Rock.

It's only 10pm and there is already a line to get in.

3 bottles of Ultimat Vodka and a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon.

The club was very nice. Our friend Don Lynch is a resident DJ at Fluxx and set us up for bottle service. The guys ended up spending $1800. They wouldn't let me pay. Thanks guys!

So the drinking starts. I tried to pace myself. NOTE... Tried.

Phat and Brian were pretty hung over from the pool bar earlier and were not really drinking. Headache Phat is not amused.

Son must see something very exciting.

The service that we got at Fluxx was on par with Vegas. They were very attentive and whenever we needed to go to the restroom they would escort us to the front of the line. Here's Parker with our server I forgot her name. I think it starts with an M.. Maybe Missy?

That's a shot in my hand and when the shots come out I say good night.

While we were partying at Fluxx Chris from the JackColton Forums recognized me from this blog. He ended up hanging out with us for most of the night.

Our friend Cali just happened to be in San Diego the same time we were. The also had a table and stopped by for a visit.

These girls came out and put on quite and entertaining show.

Me "it's time"
Pierce "It's not your birthday yet. It's not midnight"
Me "It's time for Bromance"

Yay! More shots. I do remember taking a shot at the table and I couldn't hold it down and kind of threw it back up onto the floor by our table. Yeah I'm not proud of myself.

What the hell man? There was fruit. When did we get fruit?

Pierce ended getting me a Magnum Bottle of Champagne. I think at midnight. Two hands two drinks.

That's our host Katie. She was super awesome and came by and visited us. Maybe more than once cause I don't remember.

I don't think Phat drank at all that night. That pool bar really got him.

Brandon lives in San Diego never goes out. This is his first time at this club. I think he's having a good time.

Hey look! More friends that I know....I don't remember this picture.

Probably the two most soberest guys of the night.

Our security guy.

Don Lynch was spinning at another club in San Diego and after he finished his session he met us at Fluxx. So around 12:30am or so. I get a text from Don Lynch. He said he can't get into the very club that he works at. He asked if we could come out and get him. So Pierce and I headed outside in an attempt to get him in. Security was not letting anyone in. It was packed. Fortunately our host Katie came out and got him in.

I think this was one of our other security guys.. I think..

Don Lynch is a very busy guy and is rarely available for our vacation shenanigans, but he was able to make my 30th Bday.

There was an awesome laser show at Fluxx. This is the last picture I have from my camera before it crapped out. I took it to Pismo a few months ago and I guess the sand finally jammed the camera lens.

So lucky for us Katie snapped a few pictures for us and she sent them to me. That's Katie!

That's all the pictures I have from our first night in San Diego. From what I remember we stopped by a restaurant after and had Thai food. Man the PadThai was amazing. I couldn't get enough of it. Fluxx was an amazing club, but we still have a big day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the Intervention pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel.

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