Friday, May 21, 2010

Hawaii Vacation 2010- Day 2

We ended up waking up around 11am the next morning. Decided to head to Northshore to grab some Garlic Shrimp. Last year we went to Giovani's but after reading on yelp that Giovani's sold and wasn't as good anymore. We decided to go to Macky's instead. Cause that's what the yelpers were saying that this was the place. 


John was disappointed that they did not have the Garlic Hot Dog like Giovani's.
They did have coconut shrimp and that was delicious.

John couldn't decide between coconut shrimp or garlic shrimp so he got both.

Phil was checking out John's coconut shrimp.

I stuck with the classic garlic shrimp. Macky's wasn't as good as Giovani's, but then again that was last year. Things could have changed by now. Macky's was voted #1 in Oahu and if that's true then Giovani's must really suck cause this garlic shrimp did NOT hit the spot. I guess it would have to do for now.

After Macky's we went back to Waiola's for some more shaved ice.

I had the custard bowl with sour apple. 

A few more shots of the view from the home that we were staying at.

Here we are just relaxing. It's only Monday. I guess we thought we had a lot of time, but man did time fly by.
We did a bit of shopping. Here we are at Kicks/Hi

John needed some shoes for when we hike diamond head tomorrow. So we stopped by a shoe store.
Just some random shots while we were shopping. 

I couldn't really find anything to buy that I couldn't find back in the mainland.

After shopping we headed over to Brandon's Uncle's house for some poker. We got schooled in poker. He has a really nice house with an awesome view though.

Here are some shots from Uncle Jeff's balcony.

I snapped a few night pics from the home that we were staying at.

The night before the bartender at Red Lion was telling us to come back Monday night cause it should be really busy. So we came back the next night and it really was cracking. It still shocks me how cheap drinks are in Oahu. Johnny Walker Green Label was $6 shot. I think we sell those shots for like $25 bucks at the bar I work at. Alvin was going to town on that stuff. I guess not that many whiskey drinkers out there maybe?

They dart boards were open so we hopped on that real quick. Alvin and John wanted a rematch cause they lost really bad the night before. 

A lot busier than the night before.

Phil running a muck in Waikiki.

I think Phil drank to much cause he passed out in the car.

We stopped by McDonald's for a late night snack.

Phil do you want anything from Mcdonalds?

 I'll take that a a no?
Phil was still conscious enough to pose for the camera.

 A few seconds later he was out again.

Oh wait.... He's back

Here he is trying to sober up.

Here's a shot of the view from the driveway of the home we were staying at.

Now Phil and John are out.

Phil and John like to ride Unicorns.
Alvin enjoying a nice Fried Apple Pie. So much better than those crappy baked apple pies in California.

Phil is officially down for the count. Pray to the porcelain gods!!

That ends our second day there. It was quite an adventure. 3 more night left.

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