Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hawaii Vacation 2010- Day 4

Brandon had been waking up around 6am every day cause he had to work from the house. He had to work on California time. Lucky for us he picked up these Malasadas in the morning.

Phil forgot to put sunblock on the back of his legs when he went for his 3 1/2 hr surf yesterday. He paid for it in the morning.

By the time we woke up it was almost noon. So we drove down the street and picked up some W&M Burgers. 

I had the Hal's Special, Hot dog, and fries

After lunch we went to the swap meet to pick up some souvenirs.

John bought some fresh pineapple with li hi mui powder. 
After the swap meet we ended up at Waiola again. We just couldn't resist the shaved ice. We'll actaully I couldn't resist the shaved ice. No one else wanted to go, but I sure did.

Phil with his rainbow shaved ice.

Banana Slug Power!!!!
Alvin had the ice cream bowl with chocolate. I forget what John had. 

I got the JUMBO bowl. I really like shaved ice.
After Waiola's we went to Hanauma Nature Preserve. It was around 5pm when we got there. It closes at 7pm, but when we got down to the snorkel rental it was closed. No wonder parking and entry was free. So we just ended up hanging out on the beach for a bit.
Before heading down the the beach we have to watch this video about Hanauma Bay and how to not damage the reef. Some thing about "Under the sea, don't step on me, don't feed the fish, under the sea"

Pimp Rooster with his chicks.

Pineapple with li hi mui.
Saw a living Mongoose for the first time.
It likes the garbage.

It was time for some food again so we went to get some more Ramen.

Had a craving for some desert so we dropped by Zippy's for some baked goods.

This is a donut.

Been drinking pretty heavily the last few days so we kind of wanted a pretty chill night. So we headed to Duke's for some cocktails on the beach.
The seating is right next to the beach. It' really nice. There was a guy on the guitar doing cover songs from Britney Spears, John Mayer, Journey, and The Eagles. He was really good too.

It was a warm 75 degree night. Just having some cocktails on the beach. You can't get anymore chill than that.

Duke's ended up closing their beach patio around 12am. So we headed back to the car. We parked at the outdoor mall located in Waikiki and on our way back we saw a bar in the food court. So we decided to stop by for some drinks. $5 goose and heny. 
We also took a peek inside Senior Frogs to see if it was busy. Nope... not busy at all.

John was falling asleep at the table so we called it a night and headed home.

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