Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hawaii Vacation 2010- Day 1

It's been almost a year since I started this blog. Originally started this blog for a Hawaii trip my friends and I took last year in May. Some friends and I decided to visit Hawaii again. Here's our first day in Oahu.

Our flight was at 8am. Slept on the plane for about 2 hrs. I had a kid sitting behind me. He was probably 2-3yrs, but he kept kicking my chair and that annoyed the hell out of me. You would think the parents would have come common courtesy. I was not going to let this ruin the start of my trip. So I stayed up for the duration of the flight and got some nice pics of us descending into Oahu.

What a sight it was and a great start to a week.

We landed around 11am Hawaii time. The weather was shockingly nice. 85 during the day and 75 a night.

Aloha. We have arrived.

My buddies Phil, Brandon, and Alvin scooped us up from the airport. They had arrived on Saturday. A day before John and I.

After hopping into the car we were off. Not back to the house but to where else... Food!

Nothing like a nice bowl of Ramen to greet out arrival.

I got the Kotteri Ramen and fried rice combo. Fried rice was ok.

But the Kotteri Ramen was excellent. Best Ramen I have ever had. Last year we stumbled upon this place on our last day. So were only able to eat it once before we left. This time out was our first stop and not our last.
Brandon and Phil enjoying their Kotteri Ramen.

After ramen we decided to stop by Waiola to get some shaved ice since it was literally down the street from the ramen joint. Unfortunately the Waiola location that we went to last year was no longer there. So we had to go to the original location. Which wasn't that far from where we were. About 1.5miles.

So worth the drive.
We got some shaved ice and spam musubi. Brought mine spam musubi back to the house and it disappered. I guess someone ate it. Oh well. Maybe next year.

At the Waiola location we happen to see a Mustach machine. So we purchased 5 of them.

Brandon looking like a dirty sanchez with his Manstach.

After shaved ice we headed back to the house to unpack and settle in a bit. This view from the balcony never gets old.

I finally got my Manstach.. What do you think of it?

Brandon had dinner plans with his uncle and grandma. So for dinner we had to fend for ourselves. Looked on yelp on my new awesome HTC Droid Incredible (it's so fast). Found a Taiwanese joint called Sweet Home Cafe. Didn't know what to expect so we tried it out and glad we did.

It was a hot-pot type joint with a twist. So you have a choice of hot pot flavors. We chose spicy. They bring it to your table and you but meat Chicken, Beef, Pork by the plate. All the other side dishes: veggies, noodles, and seafood are held in the fridge and you grab whatever you want and they charge you by the plate just like sushi boat. The hot pot was awesome. I don't like hot pot that much but this was great. Rice was unlimited and there is a table full of different dipping sauces.

Here is the fridge filled with side dishes.

Some of the sauces we had.

At the end of the meal they brought us a complimentary dessert. When they first brought it out it look like they threw a bunch of crap together. They were saying that there was green tea, mango, and coffee tapioca. It didn't look good, but oh man was it awesome. There was shaved ice on the bottom and it was so refreshing and not so sweet but just enough. I couldn't stop eating it.

After dinner we headed back to the house to pick up Brandon. We went to Senior Frogs for some drinks. It was our first stop last year so we decided to do it again this year.

The place was dead. Just like how I remembered last year. That is not a Corona in Brandon's hand it's called "Sol" I call it a Corona knock off.

We decided to leave Senior Frogs and wanted to hit up Red Lion. Which was the bar that we liked the best last year. It was the same bar that got John messed up and caused him to yak. Fun times.

I video of us leaving Senior Frogs and heading to Red Lion.

This time Red Lion was super dead. We were the only people there. I guess most people had already left Hawaii or they had work tomorrow. It was Sunday. Guess I can't blame them.

These pics were taking around 11:45pm on Sunday night.

None the less. A few drinks and were having a great old time.

I don't remember seeing these dart boards last year.

John and Alvin's victory dance after they won a game of darts.

Here we are trying to remember the theme song to Robocop.

After Red Lion we stopped by Zippy's for some late night snacking. Last year John didn't get to eat Zippy's cause he kept passing out before the food would arrive.

Looks like John didn't make it this time either.

Fun times like always. This ends our first day. What a start.

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