Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Live Aqua Cancun review

A huge storm was on it's way to the Bay Area, but we didn't care cause we were on our way to Cancun. Got the first available flight out Sunday morning.

Needed some breakfast and settled for some Burger King.

It was raining pretty hard and very windy. While we were being seated, the plane was rocking. Thought it was staff loading the plane, but realized it was the wind. Right before we were to be taxied a passenger fainted. Unsure what happened, but they had to get paramedics on the plane and she deplaned. That set us back a few minutes due to all the paper work and clearances the pilot had to go through before we were cleared to depart.

I was really looking forward to the Stroopwafel since I had it on my last visit to Cancun. I was informed that it's from the Netherlands and that the proper way to eat it is to put over a cup of hot coffee and to let the steam warm it up and for the caramel to soften.

After about 5 hours, we started to descend.

It was a pretty long walk to customs. Don't forget to pack a pen so that you can fill out the immigration form on the plane. There are two parts to the immigration form so don't forget to fill out the second portion which ask for the same information as the top portion. I found out the hard way when I reached the customs desk and was sent away to fill out the bottom portion. After standing in line for so long I really wished I didn't overlook that part.

After pressing the red/green light button for a random bag check, you're practically free, except for the timeshare people on the way out. On our way outside only one person tried the timeshare pitch, but we just ignored them and walk out. Don't get fooled. Nothing is free, it all comes at a cost.

I had prearranged a private transportation for us through USA Transfers which for $55 you get a round trip, direct, and private transportation for up to 3 people to and from the airport to hotel. I guess you can use a taxi or share a shuttle for cheaper, but I thought I would save myself the headache. Plus I have used USA Transfer in the past and they have always been great.

We finally arrived to our final destination around 6 pm. I was really looking forward to our visit to Live Aqua after reading so many great reviews. There's also a fan page on Facebook where there are many veteran LA visitors that can help you with practically every question you have about the resort.

The first thing that hits you when you enter the building if the aromatherapy. It's very pleasant and the second thing I noticed was the dim lighting, which makes the atmosphere very relaxing.

While we were waiting in line to check in, we were offered iced tea and cold towels. A very nice way to make an impression on our first visit.

Check in was a breeze and one of the employees asked if it was our first visit which it was. She sat down with us and gave us an overview of the property and some of her dining suggestions, she also invited us to a breakfast that was held daily, but it's for a timeshare pitch and offered a $50 spa credit for each of us, which I declined.

Room was clean and had tasteful decor.

T.V was a bit small and had about 5 channels that were in English with Spanish subtitles.

I was originally torn between an ocean front or ocean view room. I opted for the ocean view and was not disappointed.

Fridge is stocked with water, soda, beer, and some snacks.

There's a complimentary beach bag for your use during your stay at the resort. You can purchase one if you like.

Sandals are provided.

Robes too.

Shoe shine service available.

Laundry service.

Bathroom is stocked with your standard toiletries by Molton Brown

The room is equipped with ihome audio that is equipped with iphone lightening port & built in aux cable for other phone designs. There's also a USB port on the ihome so you can charge direct from the device. Pandora isn't available in this country, but Iheart Radio is.Wifi signal was great and I never had any issues connecting.

Do not disturb.

After settling in for a bit, Tammy changed into her evening attire and I stayed in my sweats and hoodie. I was hungry and tired. It was quite breezy outside and the staff recommended that we dine at one of the two indoor restaurants MB or Siete. Heard so many good things about MB so that was our first choice.

It was quite busy at the bar and everyone was casually dressed... I was the most under dressed person there, in my sweats and hoodie. I was even concerned that MB wouldn't allow me to dine because of my attire. It was a 45 minute wait.

Unlike other all inclusive resorts that I have stayed at they usually have certain times where you're allowed to make dining reservations for certain restaurants, it's usually the higher end restaurants. Tammy and I didn't arrive to the hotel until late in the evening and we would have been unable to dine at the finer establishments, but Live Aqua has a no reservation policy for all their restaurants, which I greatly enjoyed.

While waiting for our table we got some sushi.
The sushi is made to order so it takes a bit of time, especially with all the orders coming in. It's usually about 10-15 minutes to get your order.

While waiting for our sushi to be made, we got a drink at the bar. They have your usual selection of alcohol compared to other all inclusive resorts, but they did have a better selection of vodka which included Grey Goose and Kettle One. I enjoy vodka so it was a huge plus for me.

I have read a few reviews from others that the drinks are weak, which in my opinion it was, but for Tammy it was perfect. She's a light weight so it was ideal for her. Practically all the drinks we ordered tasted like juice. Even when I ordered doubles it still tasted weak, but that's easily remedied by ordering a few extra shots on the side and just adding them yourself. It's all inclusive anyways so why not.

They had a temporary coffee bar that they setup on occasion.

I believe the bartender was using Nutella and sugar for the rim.

Mango roll and Philadelphia. Sushi was pretty good. It's about the same quality one would find at a Las Vegas buffet.

After our light snack we decided to explore the resort grounds.

When in doubt.. shots.

Eventually, it was our turn to dine. They didn't give me any issues regarding my lack of evening attire.

The atmosphere at MB is quite nice. I can see why everyone dressed up. Except for me =)

Garlic butter and bread.

House Chardonnay... I think

Scallops were delicious.

Liquid crab croquettes... they were okay.

A lot of the reviews about MB mention the Habanero soup. So I had to try it and boy was it good.

The whole bread bowl was toasted. I wanted to eat the entire thing, but didn't want to ruin my appetite for the main course.

Veal cheeks with yam emulsion, fried cassava and ground coffee. This dish was outstanding.

Beef ribs braised with sweet potato, carrots. Also a very good dish.

By the time I finished my drink, it was replaced with another without even asking. Service was spot on.

Pistachio sorbet with brioche sponge cake.

I forgot the flavor of the sorbet, but came with a hibiscus injection over a brioche sponge cake.

Dinner at MB was amazing and really set the tone for our trip. After dinner we headed to the room to get a long nights rest, because we had tickets to Xel-Ha Park the next morning and had to be in the lobby no later than 7:20 am.


  1. Thanks for posting! Would love to read more about how the rest of your vacation went!

    1. Hey Rochelle,

      I should have tomorrows event up in 24hrs. I usually work on a one day post at a time, but I'll have a full review of the entire trip up


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