Friday, January 20, 2017

Live Aqua Cancun day 3

Slept in a long as we could. Eventually we got up around 11 am. It was a gorgeous day. Still breezy, but the sun was out. Going to finally enjoy a full day at the resort.

video walk through of ocean view room

Heard some Macaws outside and saw these guys flying around. They had some Macaws out for some photo op, but looks like these guys had other plans.

We headed down to the pool around noon. We barely missed brunch at Siete which ends at noon and reopens for lunch at 1 pm.

They pulled out a BBQ pit and grilled different meats and had side dishes and fixings each day. They changed the grill choice daily.

So we decided on Verenna Restaurant which has Italian inspired cuisines.

While Tammy was looking at the menu I headed off to get some drinks at the Mojito Bar. Jorge was the man in charge.

Lots of Mojito variations to choose from.

The Kiwi Mojito was okay, but the Raspberry was awesome.

The menu is printed on the bottle.

The ants are pretty big compared to the ones in California. Tried to get a picture of it with Tabasco for scale, but it kept running.

I got the Farme Calzone with an extra side of sauce.

Tammy did the build your pasta. She went with Linguine and Santa Maria sauce and chicken. This was delicious, pretty much like chicken alfredo.

Verenna also had house made Sangria.

The calzone was okay. Nothing to rave about. Next time I'd get the pasta.

Tiramisu with honey drizzle for dessert.

Finally got down to the beach on our third day at the resort.

Plenty of beach chaise to choose from or you can rent a day bed.

I like the sun, but don't like being in the sun. So we rented a day bed cause they have curtains. It was around $53 (1150 pesos) for a day bed. The day bed included a 20 min foot massage, which could be split into two 10 min foot massages if you wanted.

Before we came down to the pool we did speak with concierge for a bit and one of the staff members was talking to us about our plans for the day. He mentioned the timeshare breakfast which I declined and I told him I wanted to get a day bed and be a slug for the day. He did offer to get me a day bed for $25, which I said I would consider, but never came back for. So you might be able to save some money if you talk to the right people.

Brought my own portable speaker so I can listen to my own tunes. I was still able to get wifi at the day bed. Signal was a bit weak, but worked. Don't forget to bring an external charger. I came fully prepared.

Eat, drink, and sleep on the beach. Yeah that sounds like vacation.

We never had to move from our day bed. David our server who set us up, checked on us quite often, and he always had perfect timing. When I was ready for another drink. He came strolling up with one in hand.

Set up the foot massage for 2 pm and the masseuse showed up 2 minutes early. I gave Tammy my 10 minutes foot massage, which she gladly accepted. She was a bit nervous cause she has ticklish feet and was worried she'd kick the masseuse in the face, but she loved every moment. By the time she was done, she was like "that's it?" 20 minutes flies by quickly when you're having fun.

Was getting a bit hungry so I asked for nachos. Omg! it was amazing: Cheese sauce (which in my opinion is better than shredded cheese for nachos), guacamole, sour cream, ground beef, carne asada, and diced tomatoes.

Stepped up my game to shots.

French fries. Tasty and crispy when freshly made.

Tammy wanted to see what the temp of the water was. It was breezy so the water was a bit rough, red flags were out as a warning.

When we got back to our day bed, David had delivered the shrimp tacos I ordered earlier. I was really hoping that the shrimp were fried, but they are cooked pastor style. It was okay.

Let's use snapchat she said..

It'll be fun she said.....

I look like I'm going to eat your children's soul.

As the sun started to set, we headed to our room to get ready for dinner.

Tonight we decided on Hidden Garden and hidden it is. By the time I found the entrance, I realized I had walked by it so many times and never noticed it.

A short decline walkway leads you to an amazing hut hidden underneath a tree and concealed from the outside by large vegetation around the entire restaurant.

Hidden Garden serves Asian themed cuisines.




Iced green tea.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Hidden Garden. You're dining in a cove, under a tree and it's hidden in plain view.

Ahiru: Thin slices of duck breast, cheery tomato, crispy rice, and cashews cream. I love duck and this dish was great.

Goi Cuon, Hidden Gardens take on the classic spring roll. I was really curious to see what they would do to this dish since I grew up eating this dish. Their take on the Goi Cuon was different, but not in a bad way. I did enjoy this dish, but I still love the classic.

Sata Indonesio: Chicken Satay marinated in cumin, cooked ginger, and peanut sauce. Another good dish.

Don Julio the cat, who I guess is the permanent resident of Hidden Garden. Definitely not a shy cat.

We became best friends. Maybe because I was feeding him. He doesn't like tomatoes.

Sashini soup: I think this one had fish in it.

Malay soup: Spicey chicken soup, coconut milk, lemon grass, cilantro, shitake mushroom, ginger, spinach, cherry tomato

Pad Thai- had a bit of a stronger tamarind flavor than your typical Pad Thai, but it was still very good.

I also ordered the Pekin for my entree. Sliced Chinese duck, accompanied with moshu flour crepes, shitake mushrooms, cucumber, onion, and hoisin soy sauce.

Seafood mix stuffed squid. Tammy really liked it. I didn't try it cause I don't like squid.

Halwa: Carrot cake with coconut milk. This dessert was okay.

Lychee Coconut: Coconut soup with Lychee filled with three milk syrup. A nice refreshing dessert.

Ordered some room service later in the night. Three cheese fettuccine, it was okay. I was hoping it was going to be as good as the pasta at Verenna.

Chicken broth with veggies. Tammy really liked this soup.

Cheese burger. Meh.. It's a burger.

Chicken panini.. I think.

That's it for day 3. We wanted to be slugs for the day and that's what we did.

Only one night left. Tomorrow we're going to hit the mall, lounge at the pool and get a massage.

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