Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Portland, Oregon: Day 3. Mother's Bistro Bar

Our flight how was around 2 pm. So we go up pretty early so that we could grab brunch before our flight.

I wanted to bring home some Blue Star Donuts, so we started walking towards the donut shop. We just yelp'd a place brunch place nearby. We decided on Mother's Bistro Bar. It was pretty busy and there was a 30 min wait. They said they would text us when our table was ready so we wondered around the area. Ran into VooDoo Doughnuts while we were walking around. There was a long line for it.

We also just happened upon a street market/ Farmers Market.

While going through the market we saw this sign.

So we followed the sign.

It looks like they just opened, and we ran into an employee there.She said there wasn't a bartender available, but we could have a seat. We declined her offer cause it looked like she was still setting up.

On the other side of these tracks there are more vendor tents. I found a local artist and bought some magnets from her. She told me that on one side of the tracks you're only allowed to sell hand crafted goods and the other side you can sell commercial goods. That's kind of cool to help support local artist.

Our table was finally ready so we headed back to the bistro.

Diane met up with us for brunch.

Locally made Jam. Did you know that Jams and Jellies are actually different?

Thought we would start our day and end our trip with a bottle of Champagne.

Our server recommended the Eggs Benedict. It was good, but nothing made it stand out from any other Eggs Benedict I have had before.

Diane told me that Portland is also known for their strip clubs. I would have never expected that from Portland. Vegas yes, but not Portland.

Saw this doggy outside of Blue Star Donut.

We grabbed a few donuts and Diane was kind enough to drop us off at the airport. I think she said the mountain in the background is Mount Hood.

TSA lines have become ridiculous in recent months. I'm used to arriving at the airport and hour early. Now we have to show up 1.5-2 hours ahead of departure. I even get notices from airlines tell me to arrive early due to overwhelming TSA lines.


That's it for this trip. It was nice visiting a Portland for the first time. Overall it was a pretty chill trip.

Next stop New York, for reals this time.

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