Tuesday, May 10, 2016

NYC Trip Report (Day 3): Pig & Khao, Chicago Braodway, and Katz Delicatessen

We met up with Thuy-Ann cause she made brunch reservations at Pig & Khao, it's a Filipino & Thai asian fusion restaurant.

Bottomless mimosas. They had 4 types: Regular, White Peach, Mango, and Lychee. Lychee was the best one.

Horchata Iced Coffee.

Grilled pork jowl with brussel sprouts.

Green papaya salad

Garlic fried rice

Sizzling Sisig.

Longonissa sausage and egg. I like the sweeter version of the Longonissa sausage. This one had more of a garlic flavor.

Brioche french toast. This was amazing.

Our other cousin Tommy was able to join us for brunch.

After brunch it was time for us to head back to Time Square cause we had tickets to Chicago the Broadway Show.

Saw this kid tearing it up on the keyboard piano at the subway station.

We had a few minutes to kill before the show, so we hopped into a bar for a drink.

More drinks at the show.

Jack and his sippy cup of vodka soda.

I've seen the movie before and I thought the movie was great. The show was pretty good too. I just wished I saw the show before the movie. Just to see if I could follow the story line.

After the show we hopped back into the bar for some more cocktails.

Our next stop was to Milk Bar for some cookies and shakes.

On our way to Milk Bar we came across The Halal Guys carts.

This time Peter and I decided to get the sandwich instead of the platter and we both agreed that it was better than the platter.

Continuing on our way to Milk Bar just happened to pass a Pagani Zonda Huayra. You too, can own one for the measly price of $1.3 million dollars.

Momofuku Milk Bar

Heard some things about their compost cookie: pretzels, coffee, buttersctoch, potato chips, oats, chocolate chips, graham crackers.. all in one cookies. I didn't try it, but the person I gifted it to really liked it.

You can buy a gift box and fill it with your assortment for cookies.

I also got the chocolate covered pretzel shake. It wasn't that good. It was too salty for me.

Stopped by the Nike Store for some quick shopping.

After we headed back to the apartment. We were all tired from drinking all day.

Took a quick nap and got up to meet with Thuy-Ann and Dominic for dinner.

We were going to head to Brooklyn, but ended up changing plans to meet at Lombardi's Pizza instead.

"Best pizza" City search & AOL. Does anyone use that anymore?

Pizza was pretty good, but I prefer a deep dish or pan pizza instead.

While we were inside eating, saw this lady taking a picture with this Porsche, but she kept flipping her hair until she got the perfect shot. It was funny just watching her. Nicole did it in 3 tries, I have no idea what Peter is doing.

After dinner we went in search of a casual bar to hand out.

Not exactly sure where we ended up, but it was a pretty chill bar for a Saturday night. We stayed there watching the UFC fight.

Tommy showed up with his friend Stella.

Another long night of drinking. We ended up leaving around 1:30 am and headed to Katz Delicatesse for a sandwich. There was no line.

Pastrami sandwich $19.95

I bit pricey for a sandwich, but the pastrami is very good though.

Totally forgot that Nicole bought green tea cream puffs the day before from Bibble & Sip. They were really good. Wish we had more.

Took it pretty easy on our last night in NYC.

Tomorrow were off for some more food and sight seeing before we head home.

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