Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Diane's 21st birthday trip.

My friend's sister just turned 21 and she wanted to celebrate her birthday at a night club in Los Angeles and Disneyland. So he took her to Los Angeles on a Saturday.

John and his family partied and spent the night in L.A on Saturday and rented a car and were going to travel south to Anaheim on Sunday. I planned on taking a flight directly to Anaheim and was going to hang out with my friend until they arrived.

The trip didn't start off to well with a 1.5 hr flight delay.

On the cover of SkyMall for May we have a Grill Cleaning Robot.

I flew out on Sunday Mother's Day. I didn't realize that I was flying out on Mother's day until after I booked the flight... at least I'll get a free drink for it :)

After finally arriving in Orange County. I was starving. Haven't had a chance to eat yet. My friend Son picked me up and he took me to an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant.

Gen Korean BBQ House

It's a little different from the one that I'm used too. The one that I'm used to is a buffett style where you grab your own meats from a buffett bar and cook it. At this place you order the plates of meat and they bring it to you. It's all you can eat, but you have a 2 hour time cap.

It was around 2pm on a Sunday and the place was pretty busy. It's also Mother's day. So Son and I sat at the bar and had a few drinks while we waited for our table.

I thiink between Son and I we went through 12-15 plates of meat. It was really good.

By the time we finished lunch John had finally checked into their room at the Paradise Pier Hotel. So we headed there. I'm a huge fan of Disneyland Parks, but have never stayed at one of their properties. So it was exciting to see what it was all about.

After settling in, we headed to Downtown Disney.

Our first stop was ESPN Zone for some drinks and food... mainly drinks.

All the cousin's out together for Diane's 21st Birthday.

After ESPN Zone we explored a further bit.

and we ended up at another bar.

More drinks please. .

She wouldn't let anyone pick her up except Robyn and her parents. Son was determined to pick her up. It didn't last too long.

We ended up staying at the bar until it closed.

Diane living up to her 21st birthday.

Of all the vending machines in the hotel the best one was broken. The ice cream machine.

Went out and got Taco Bell for our late night dinner.

Time for bed. We had Extra Magic Hour tomorrow. Which allows us into a selected park an hour before opening to the public. I guess this is included for all hotel guest.

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