Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cabo Day 4: Time to go home

It was finally time to head back home. This trip went by so quickly and we barely did any activities. It was just full of drinking and eating. You'll need at least a good week at an all inclusive resort. My thoughts on Riu Palace was very positive. Had a great time and was quite when we needed it to be and had access to Riu Santa Fe when we wanted to party. The staff was very accommodating and would definitely return again. I don't have any complaints about the place. I was told to be careful with bringing nice items like jewelry and other things and locking them in the safe. Heard things were still going missing even though it was locked up. One of the girls I met on the trip was staying at another resort and stayed in for one of the nights and she told me a worker came into her room and was rummaging through their stuff. When she woke up the worker said that her door was cracked open. I highly doubt it. So don't bring anything nice to Cabo and if you do, hide it in a good place other than the safe. I brought just the bar minimum and didn't run into any problems.

The airport is very nice by the way.

Carl's Jr sells beer. That's a first.

Nothing ends a trip like a nice Double Western Cheeseburger and crisscut fries.

Where am I off to next? Nothing planned specifically, but I wouldn't mind going back to Hawaii. I need another vacation.

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