Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SoCal & Disneyland trip day 3

Woke up around 9am to my friend Son screaming at himself. He was so hung over and he needed to amp himself up for work. LOL. I thought he was dying, but none of his nephews checked on him. I guess they're use to it.

We went back to sleep and woke up around 11am and packed our stuff. Son came back around 12 and we went out for lunch before our flight home.

We ended up at Maki-Zushi. The sushi here really is good. Just take a look at the pictures below. They have a great selection of sushi.

Ginger and wasabi

I had enough drinking for this trip. Obviously Linda and Son were still going strong. Even though there are 3 glasses of Sake only two were drinking.

The Toro (fatty Tuna belly) was amazing.

This was the red snapper. It had this vinegar and chili oil. The pictures speak for themselves.

I forget what this is called, but it has Tempura Shrimp, crab, avocado, jalapeno, cream cheese, and some tempura flakes.

I guess I accidentally ordered two of the similar items. Cause this one is exactly the same, but without the jalapeno.

California roll with scallops and lobster on it.

Seared Tuna I think.

After we ate it was time for our flight. I had to fly back for class. If it wasn't for that I would have stayed longer. It was a fun trip, but way to short. I need another vacation.


  1. Hi dukie, I came across your blog through Trip Advisor. I had a blast going through your photos from your various trips. Great photos! Keep up the great bloggin'!


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