Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Las Vegas Superbowl Weekend & Phillips B-day Day 1

The last time we were in Vegas was Labor Day Weekend 2010. It seemed like a long time ago. Phat came up with the idea of going to Vegas for Superbowl weekend and it just happened to land on my brother's birthday (Phillip). Another Vegas trip was long past due and it was time for us to pay our visit. Hopefully we can make a withdraw on this trip instead of a deposit. Also we induct a new member to the wheelchair club. Read on!

Of course when I'm on vacation I eat as horribly as possible. So to start off my trip I had an egg and sausage breakfast sandwich.
and then I had a chorizo burrito. 
We usually fly out around 10 or 11am. I always tend to miss breakfast at the airport. So this time I flew early and I made sure I had my fill.
Brian and Neal showed up later. Some of my other brothers and friends were already in Vegas. They flew out on Saturday. Brandon and Ruben was there since Friday, but was leaving on Sunday when I arrive. So I ended up missing them in Vegas.
A sight for sore eyes.
It was quite busy at the airport. 
We arrived around 10:30am. I called the guys and they sounded terrible. So we decided to leave them alone to have their rest and decided to grab a bite. I booked two rooms through orbitz for about $50 a night at the Palms. We choose this hotel because my friends and brothers we staying here. I didn't want to split the group up. 

Here we are in the food court. The one thing I did like about the Palms is that they had a 24hr McDonalds.
When I checked in I did the Vegas Sandwich trick. We ended up getting upgraded to corner room with a pretty nice view. The down side was I booked two double queen rooms. The upgrades only had a King bed and didn't have connecting rooms. The girl checking us in tried to get us rooms on the same floor, but she didn't have anything available. So we ended up getting two corner rooms, but on different floors.
 Being corner rooms they were very spacious, but the rooms seemed a bit outdated. Com'on, where's the flat screen Palms?
It did have a pretty nice view, but I prefer to be on the strip. This was the first time I stayed at a hotel off strip and I didn't like it. I felt so disconnected. I couldn't just walk out of my hotel and go somewhere without a taxi. 
John and Phillip flew in an hour after us. John rocking his LV Kanye kicks.
After we dropped our stuff in our room we went down to the casino and drank at the bar. Right when we were about to leave to the mall the rest of the group just happen to show up. So instead of the mall we decided to grab some food. 
Nothing like a nice bowl of Pho. 
After some food the rest of the group headed back to their room. Neal scored us some passes to view the game at the Encore theater. Here we are waiting in the hall for Neal to grab our passes. John was sitting on the floor and security walked by and told him he can't sit on the floor. I thought it was stupid, but it seems like security was being a bit anal. I know they have an image to keep but com'on.
Here we are walking into the theater. It was really nice and quite busy. 
John and I were running off of about 2-3 hours of sleep. Looks like John passed out first.
The game was quite intense. I had a bet on the Packers and man did it make the game so much more interesting. After the game we headed back to meet up with the guys at their hotel. Pierce had booked a really nice 2 Bedroom suite at the Palms. Unfortunately the Skyloft was booked out for Superbowl weekend and this was the second choice. 

Gorgeous view a night.

It was really weird to have a tub in the middle of the room though.I wonder how many people really use that tub?

There was a bathtub inside the shower. I thought it was pretty neat. I guess it's a good space saver.

It was around 7ish when we decided to head back to our room to get some rest before we hit XS that night.

We decided to grab a bite to eat before our nap. Neal had a McGangBang. It's a McChicken inside a double cheeseburger. I have also heard of a Land Sea and Air burger which is a beef, McChicken, and Filet-o-fiish pattie sandwich. 

I still love the classic Big-Mac

Brian's connection got us a table at XS for 11 people with just a 2 bottle minimum. Only way to roll to the club is in a Limo.

oooh. Carbon Fiber.

Neal ended up passing out so he didn't show up. Looks like it's down to 10 of us.

We arrived really early. We thought they opened at 10, but they open at 10:30. So we hung around the bar for a bit.

Let the night begin.

It was quite empty inside given the fact that we were there right when it opened. It did make for a really nice shot of the club though.

Shots! Shots! Shots!

The last time Phillip was in Vegas was for his birthday in 2009. I don't know how I could survive being away from Vegas for a whole year, let alone two years.

Everyone still seems to be normal.

Still normal.

Everyone, but this guy..

Here's a picture of the newbies Orlando with his lady Valerie. They have no idea what they are getting themselves into. 

You can slowly tell that everyone is starting to get faded.

Faded, Like a boss!

He really is that red, but having a great time.

Valerie is a freaking GIANT and she's not even standing straight up.

Even this bastard is tall.

Thanks for letting me win this one Orlando.

Thank you sir may I have another.

Normal picture.

Not so normal.
 I don't know what was going through their minds, but they wanted me to take a picture of them smelling his armpits.

Pierce-" my balls itch"
John-" what!? that makes no sense"

Can you be anymore Asian than the Kung-Fu bow pose?

Yeah you can, double Japanese peace sign pose!!!

Devils three way, just make sure you remember rule #1. No eye contact bro.

I said no EYE CONTACT!

Brian, me(i'm on redbull yo!) and Phillip.

Imitating Captain Morgan is serious business!

If John had a thizz face this would be it. 

Pierce is infamous for swigging from the bottle and getting other people to do it.

Oh damn! Peirce bringing back some old school moves.

Phat, Phillip, Alex and our server.

Redbull!!! I love it.

So for some reason Phat ushered us all to leave. So we did. At 1:30am. I thought we were heading to the Rhino or something, but we ended up back at the hotel WTF? While we were walking the halls I think Orlando jumped on Pierces back for a piggyback ride. We were drunk and doing our usually drunk shenanigans. Security told us to stop and that this is a five star hotel and we don't do that here. I'm like really!? Lighten the f* up man. You take your job way to seriously. Orlando yelled at him " at least I don't have to wear a purple jacket" LOL. Fun times.

John was really mad I think at the security.

yup.. He seems really mad.

Orlando looks perfectly fine........

I take that back. I guess the Limo ride made it worse for him. Right when we got out of the limo he was trashed. They weren't even going to let us in the hotel until they found out we were staying there.

John loves to take advantage of a situation.

Me too....

Oh Yeah!!!! The wheelchair makes it appearance.

So we escorted Orlando back to the room and left him in the bathroom with a pillow. He'll probably be there for a while. Valerie stayed behind to keep and eye on her man. Nothing would ruin a trip like a guy choking on his own vomit.

Pierce still wants to do the Captain Morgan... On Orlando's head.

OMG!!! Can you believe they serve spam eggs and rice at The Palms... 

Well that ends our first night. Quite and adventure for the first day. More to come tomorrow.

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