Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mountain Biking Laguna Beach

Went mountain biking with my friend Phil around the Laguna Beach area. He took me to the easist advance course for my first run. He did rent me a dope bike though. A $5,500 bike. It still didn't make the ride any easier.

Here are pics of us in the parking lot.

It was great weather for a ride. It was partly cloudy but the sun was out and it wasn't too hot.

$5,500 dollar bike and no kickstand.

The first 3 miles are pretty flat with a slight incline that you can't see but your legs will notice it.

After the first 3 miles we took.... well actually mostly I took a quick breather before we start our climb.

After the climb we rode the spine of the mountain. Here's a couple of pics of the trail.

Pictures do not do this trail justice in regards to showing you how difficult it is.

We finally reached the top. There were a bunch of awesome and super exspensive houses at the top.

Pic of the ocean.

We flipped around and headed back the same way we came up.

On our way back took a slight detour to see the Dripping cave.

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